Rašeta: The YA had fulfilled all its obligations to Slovenia

Ljubljana, 16 August - The Ljubjana Army Corps Command has called a press conference today in order to inform the Slovene public on the reallocation of the Yugoslav Army units withdrawn from Slovenia as well as to bring to the public's notice a number of falsehoods and to make the public aware of the psychological propaganda campaign being carried out in their opinion by the Slovene side. Deputy Commander of the 5th Army Division, Lieutenant Colonel General Andrija Rašeta said that the Yugoslav Army had fulfilled all its obligations to the Republic of Slovenia and that the withdrawal is proceeding as agreed. Andrija Rašeta also denied the assertion that the Yugoslav Army had nuclear arms and stated regarding the alleged plan of a renewed attack on Slovenia known as "Bedem 2" that this was a fabrication designed by the Slovene authorities to scare their own nation. He also termed lies all assertions that the Yugoslav Army was planning an attack on the Krško nuclear power plant and that the YA was carrying out diversions in Slovenia.

© STA, 1991