Parliamentary delegation from Wiesbaden on a visit to Ljubljana

Ljubljana, 22 August - From yesterday onwards, a five member delegation from the city of Weisbaden, Germany, is visiting Ljubljana. The delegation consist of the members from all parliamentary parties and is lead by Mr. Armin Klein, city councilor. The quests from Weisbaden came to Ljubljana on the basis of a resolution by the city's Parliament, with an assignment to investigate the needs of Ljubljana for assistance. In recent days, the friendly city of Weisbaden has presented a VW station-wagon to the Red Cross organization of the city of Ljubljana. The delegation was received by the President of Parliament, Mr. France Bučar. They also meet city representatives, the vice-president of the Assembly, Dr. Mihael Venguš and the city mayor, Jože Strgar. The Weisbaden delegation, who is the forth delegation to visit Slovenia after the YA aggression, has given support to Slovenia and a promise of cooperation within the economic sphere and in concrete help in rebuilding of Tivoli park and the construction of a home for mothers. They will report on their impressions and findings to the higher authorities at home.

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