Declaration issued by the Republic of Slovenia on war in the Republic of Croatia

Ljubljana, 29 August - At its yesterday's joint session, the Assembly of the republic of Slovenia has accepted a declaration concerning the war in Croatia, which it addressed to the parliament of all CSCE member countries and to the republican assemblies of the former Yugoslavia. In the declaration, the Assembly expresses its indignation and repugnance towards the Yugoslav Army's open cooperation with the armed Serbian minority groups in Croatia and towards YA support of the terrorist Četnik units from the republic of Serbia. In this the YA acts as an aggressor and is obviously engaged in the occupation of the large part of Croatian territory which Serbia wants to occupy. The Declaration states that the republic of Slovenia will offer a concrete humanitarian aid and medical assistance to Croatia, particularly providing security for civilian casualties, as well as offer of material aid. Slovenia will be sending relevant information to the international public, it will encourage all the civilian social institutions which have the power of influencing the cessation of aggression and it will also strive for reestablishment of shattered trust between the different nationalities within Croatia. It calls upon the parliaments of all European and other democratically elected governments, to do all that is in their power to stop the acts of aggression on Croatia and to recognize the republics of Slovenia and Croatia as independent and sovereign states as soon as possible. Slovenia believes that Yugoslavia can no longer be reconstructed as a unified state, nor as a socialist federation. It is necessary to prevent the violent occupation of territory belonging to other republics for the purpose of creating a nationalistic, Greater-Serbian state formation. The Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia gives its warning to all who are responsible for present violence, that it will never recognized the changed borders between the republics of the former Yugoslavia, which would be drawn in a violent or undemocratic way.

© STA, 1991