Schedule of Events for Wednesday, 10 March

Ljubljana, 9 March - Below is a schedule of events for Wednesday, 10 March:

LJUBLJANA - European Minister Janez Potocnik is to speak to the press at 3 PM, presenting the current situation in the adoption of the EU body of laws and the open issues of the free flow of labour in the EU and the next EU financial perspective. He is also to speak about his job in the European Commission, where he is to team up with Enlargement Commissioner Guenter Verheugen. (STA)

STRASBOURG, France - The European Parliament is to debate the final reports on the preparedness of Slovenia and the other nine acceding countries for upcoming full EU membership. The vote on the report - drawn up by chair of the foreign affairs committee Elmar Brok in cooperation with rapporteurs for individual countries - is due on Thursday.

BLED - An international event is to mark the 1000th anniversary of the town Bled, and Slovenia's entry to the EU. Organised by the IEDC Bled School of Management and the Bled municipality, the event - starting at 9.30 AM - is expected to be attended by FM Dimitrij Rupel, Europe Minister Janez Potocnik and head of the European Commission delegation to Slovenia Erwan Fouere. A panel debate on the economic challenges in the enlarged Europe will feature prominent Slovenian and international businessmen.

LJUBLJANA - Social partners are due to continue negotiations on the 2004-2005 wage policy agreement for the private sector.

LJUBLJANA - The Chamber of Commerce is to outline an analysis of the IT and telecommunications sector at 10 AM.

PORTOROZ - The 13th Slovenian Advertising Festival (SOF) is to open at 8 PM (until 12 March).

MURSKA SOBOTA - Representatives of border regions of Austria, Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia will be holding a joint meeting to discuss last year's border cooperation activities and put forward activities in prevention of natural and other disasters for 2004.

LJUBLJANA - A panel debate "Invisible Mosque, Invisible People" is to be held at 7 PM by the Forum for the Left.

LJUBLJANA - Press review. (STA)

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