The Minister of Interior, Mr. Igor Bavčar, addresses the Parliament

Ljubljana, 3 October - The Republic of Slovenia passed five laws based on its proclamation of independence, viz. the Law on the Citizenship, the Law on the Aliens, the Law on the Personal Identity Documents, the Law on the Surveillance of the State Border and the Law on the Transportation Security, all of them to be in force from the day of the publication, stated Mr. Bavčar at the beginning of his address. During the moratorium the Slovenian Republic carried out the independence laws only if they were not in direct opposition to the Brioni Declaration. In the meantime the Ministry of Interior prepared the formularies for the passports, that will be issued at a time when they will be recognized as travel documents by other countries. Some of the neighboring countries already made known their preparedness to recognize the new Slovenian passports. The formularies for the new driving and traffic licences as well as new driving plates have been prepared and shall be exchanged with the old ones by June 26, 1994. Following the end of the moratorium special regulations regarding the acquisition of the refugee status will be issued and a refugee camp for aliens will be established in Ljubljana. Mr. Bavčar addressed also the problems connected with the border with Croatia, of a total length 564 km on land, while the border on the sea will be established jointly with Croatian authorities. There will be 34 check points along this border.

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