Session of the Presidency of the Republic of Slovenia

Ljubljana, 7 October - The Presidency of the Republic of Slovenia met today in Ljubljana, discussing, among other things, the final withdrawal of the Yugoslav army from Slovenia. The president of the Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia, Dr. France Bučar, the president of the Executive Council, Mr. Lojze Peterle, Mr. Janez Drnovšek and some other ministers also attended the session. The session was closed for the public, and the official report states that some new circumstances have arisen from the time when the resolution of the withdrawal of the army from Slovenia was made. For this reason the Presidency will propose to the headquarters of the High Command of the Armed Forces of the SFRY a discussion on the manner of withdrawal of the members of the YA from Slovenia. Slovenia will also notify the European Community and the Peace Conference in The Hague.

© STA, 1991