A statement of Dr. Čičin - Šajn for STA

Ljubljana, 10 October - Dr. Čičin - Šajn, the Governor of the National Bank of Croatia, was asked to comment on the slovenian monetary sovereignty and the new slovenian currency unit, the tolar. In a statement for STA he expressed his opinion that shortly he expects a fall of the Yugoslav dinar as compared to tolar. Since the yesterday exchange rate in some money exchanges along the slovenian - italian border for the tolar was some 10 to 15 % higher than the official exchange rate, that should come as no surprise. Regarding the future cooperation between the National Banks of Croatia and Slovenia dr. Čičin - Šajn stressed that the new slovenian currency unit will not significantly affect the cooperation between them. Some short term difficulties are however expected in the banking traffic between the two republics. The Croatian Governor claimed that he is not aware of the instructions given by the National Bank of Yugoslavia to the National Banks in the republics. He did not wish to comment on the new Crotian currency unit stating that the National Bank of Croatia is soon to inform the croatian government and other political authorities on the impending changes, what could be interpreted as an announcement of the forthcoming new croatian currency unit.

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