The Withdrawal of the Yugoslav Army is Taking Place Quickly and Cooperatively

Ljubljana, 19 October - Early this morning the turning over of facilities, equipment and weapons as well as the removal of mines from the railway wagon compositions has begun and has been already been carried out in some areas. This agreement was reached between the delegations of the federal Secretariat for Defense and the Territorial Defense of the Republic of Slovenia, as we discovered at the Slovenian Headquarters of Territorial Defense. The Yugoslav army has already turned over some facilities today, and will turn some over tomorrow. Guards posted at the railway wagon compositions are withdrawing from the barracks, and soldiers stationed at smaller border barracks are being grouped at provincial headquarters. The first transport of soldiers will depart from Slovenia tomorrow morning. The Republican Headquarters of the Territorial Defense judges, that the execution of the agreement is transpiring even better than expected, as the cooperation between the Yugoslav army, Territorial Defense, and other factors of civil defense and transportation agencies is taking place in congruence, quickly and efficiently.

© STA, 1991