Slovenian airplanes to take off in the next few days

Ljubljana, 31 October - As for the air transport Mr. Kranjc, the Minister of Transport and Communications, stated that the registration of Slovenian airplanes is effectively completed. Mr. Ivković, one of the deputies of the Federal Secretariat of Transport and Communications, made a suggestion to the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Slovenia today that the Adria Airways company should connect with the Federal Secretariat that will in its turn contact the Austrian authorities to administer the technical control of Slovenian aircraft with due authorization from the Yugoslav federal authorities. As the Minister Kranjc asserted, the Director of the Adria Airways company, Mr. Janez Kocjančič, was contacted today and is to act accordingly. It is to be expected that the Slovenian aircraft will be up in the air shortly. Nevertheless the domicile airport is to remain in Klagenfurt since at present it is not possible to procure a reliable telephone link between the air controls in Brnik and Klagenfurt and thus to warrant a flawless air safety. Mr. Kranjc also made public his suggestion in Prague, that the ministers of the countries of the Hexagon should convene in Slovenia, being at a very important crossroads of Europe. They stressed in their turn this to be possible in due course only after Slovenia is diplomatically recognized. The Italian representatives at the Conference surmised that Italy is to recognize Slovenia in the next few weeks.

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