OLYMPICS: Profile of Olympic Gold Medallist Tina Maze

Ljubljana, 18 February - Below is the profile of Tina Maze, the gold medallist in the women's giant slalom race at the Sochi Winter Olympic Games:

- date of birth:    2 May 1983
- lives in:         Črna na Koroškem
- height:           171 cm
- weight:           68 kg
- profession:       student, employed at police force
- hobbies:          volleyball, football, playing the piano
- club:             SK Crna TAB
- coaches:          Mauro Pini, Andrea Massi

- Olympic events:   slalom, giant slalom, super G, downhill,
                    super combined

- Career highlights:
- Olympics:
1st, Sochi, 2014, downhill
1st, Sochi 2014, giant slalom
2nd, Vancouver, 2010, giant slalom
2nd, Vancouver 2010, Super-G
5th, Vancouver 2010, super combined
12th, Salt Lake City 2002, giant slalom
12th, Turin 2006, giant slalom

- World Championships:
 1st, Schladming 2013, super G
 1st, Garmisch-Partenkirchen 2011, giant slalom
 2nd, Schladming 2013, giant slalom
 2nd, Schladming 2013, giant slalom, combined
 2nd, Val d'Isere 2009, giant slalom
 5th, Schladming 2013, slalom
 5th, Garmisch-Partenkirchen 2011, downhill
 5th, Garmisch-Partenkirchen 2011, slalom
 5th, Val d'Isere 2009, super G
 5th, St. Moritz 2003, giant slalom
 6th, Bormio 2005, super G
 7th, Schladming 2013, downhill
10th, Bormio 2005, combined
10th, Aare 2007, team race

- World Cup:
1st in overall World Cup standings, 2013
1st in giant slalom, super g and super combined standings, 2013
2nd in slalom and downhill standings, 2013
2nd in overall World Cup standings, 2012
2nd in super combined standings, 2012
2nd in super combined standings, 2011
3rd in overall World Cup standings, 2011
3rd in slalom rankings, 2012
3rd overall in World Cup giant slalom standings, 2009
23 World Cup wins (2002-2013)
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