OLYMPICS: Freestyler Flisar Ready to Go in Ski Cross

Sochi, 20 February - Slovenia's best freestyle skier Filip Flisar will make his debut at the Sochi Winter Olympics on Thursday in men's ski cross. The 26-year-old eccentric from Maribor says the course is perfect for his taste and is not pressured by expectations, but would like to improve on his 8th place at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

Sochi, Russia
Slovenian freestyle skier Filip Flisar
Photo: Stanko Gruden/STA

Ski crossers had only two training runs on the course due to poor weather conditions. "I'm satisfied with the training, everything is going as planned. The course is icy, which suits me," he said.

Flisar, who is best known for his trademark handlebar moustache, has been in a very good mood since the games in Sochi started, and has been given an additional boost by the successes of Slovenian athletes, who have so far won seven medals.

He believes that the course is perfect for him. "The piste has high jumps, large elements, others will be pooping their pants, but I will not, this is a huge advantage for me," the Slovenian said candidly.

Flisar's only wish is for the weather to be sunny, as this gives him an energy boost. He is not bothered by the bad results in the current season as he believes he has figured out what was wrong. "I saw some progress in the last World Cup race, the skiing has improved strongly."

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