Croatia limits entry ban to Slovenians from border region

Zagreb, 16 March - After a back-and-forth on Sunday by Croatian authorities regarding whether Slovenia was on Croatia's list of coronavirus crisis countries, Croatia said on Sunday evening that Slovenians will be turned back on the Croatian border or sent into 14-day self-isolation in Croatia only if they come from the border region of Bela Krajina.

The Obrežje border crossing with Croatia.
Photo: Hina/STA
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While the Croatian Foreign Ministry still said on Sunday afternoon the border measure applied for the whole of Slovenia, it later back-pedalled to name the restriction already in place before and applying only to passengers hailing from Bela Krajina.

Thus, those from Bela Krajina wishing to enter Croatia will be rejected by Croatian police in case they do not opt for a 14-day self-isolation at a Croatian address.

The same home quarantine applies for Croatians who go to work in Bela Krajina and decide to return home.

While Bela Krajina is not the only Slovenian region bordering on Croatia, it has been affected by coronavirus disproportionally.

As of Sunday, Slovenians are no longer allowed to enter Serbia. As an additional measure to contain the outbreak, a temporary ban has been issued by Serbian authorities for foreigners coming from Slovenia, France, Germany, Austria, Spain, Greece and Switzerland.

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