Gloves no longer mandatory in closed public places

Ljubljana, 15 April - Protective gloves are no longer mandatory in closed public places such as shops, pharmacies and post offices as of Wednesday. Hand sanitizer must be used instead and it has to be provided by the business owners. Face masks are still mandatory.

A notice at the entrance of a grocery store warning shoppers to wear face masks and gloves when entering.
Photo: Daniel Novakovič/STA
File photo

The government had made it mandatory to wear face masks or an equivalent face and nose covering and gloves in closed public places on 30 March.

The decree was amended on Tuesday night mandating that instead of gloves, hand sanitizer must be used upon entering and exiting a closed public space.

The decision comes after the Ministry of Health said last week that many people were not using gloves correctly. Since the decree was originally adopted, hand sanitizer has been more widely available after initial severe shortages.

Slovenia reported 56 coronavirus deaths and 1,200 infections as of Monday. The curve of infections has been flattened but the government has decided to wait a few more days before starting to ease lockdown restrictions.

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