Govt further relaxing lockdown measures for businesses

Ljubljana, 28 April - The government is further relaxing restrictions imposed to contain the coronavirus by reopening museums, galleries and libraries and by allowing real estate agents and chimney sweepers to resume business tomorrow. As of 4 May, bars and restaurants will also be able to reopen, yet serving guests only at outdoor facilities.

The government further relaxing lockdown measures for businesses this week and next.
Photo: Tinkara Zupan/STA
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Outdoor bar and restaurant facilities reopening is the first easing of restrictions for the hospitality sector, the government noted after Tuesday's correspondence session.

Given that the recommendations of the National Institute of Public Health are taken into account, all the latest exceptions to the 16 March temporary ban on the sale of goods and services allow for a minimum contact between people, the government explained its decision on the relaxation of measures.

Small businesses such as shoe repair shops, key cutters, clothing shops, photographers, photocopy services, watchmaker shops and jeweller's will also reopen on Monday.

While the government announced that hairdressers and beauty parlours will reopen on 4 May some time ago, it now also added massage and pedicure services to the list.

Excluded are however still saunas, wellness centres, piercing and tattoo shops and other similar shops where it believes Covid-19 could be contracted more easily.

People older than 65 as well as other vulnerable groups such as pregnant women and disabled will be able to do their shopping also outside the dedicated hours, that is not only between 8am and 10am. The elderly will also no longer have to present a document to prove their age.

Nevertheless, the vulnerable groups are still recommended to do their shopping during the hours which are designated especially to them.

While even shops which have remained open during the lockdown had to close on Sundays, shops selling mostly food can be open on Sunday, 3 May, between 8am and 1pm.

This is to avoid crowds just before and after the May Day holiday weekend, when shops would otherwise be closed for three full days, from Friday to Sunday.

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