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04.04.2020 19:06 HE Number of coronavirus cases rises to 977; 22 deaths confirmed (adds)
more info troughout
04.04.2020 18:32 AS No major violations of new movement restrictions (adds)
info on distribution of police officers from para 5 on
04.04.2020 15:50 PO Austria partly opening Holmec border crossing
04.04.2020 15:28 BE Minister says state will finance bonuses for vital staff
04.04.2020 11:46 BE Ljubljana airport sees drop in cargo transport, no changes at Koper port
04.04.2020 10:45 PO Dnevnik says govt has made big tactical mistake
04.04.2020 08:15 BE Flour, rice and pasta sell like hot cakes amid Covid-19
04.04.2020 07:00 BE Minister excited about efforts to increase food self-sufficiency amid crisis
04.04.2020 01:00 HE Večer worried by growing mistrust among people in face of coronavirus
04.04.2020 01:00 BE Delo argues in favour of globalisation
04.04.2020 00:30 HE Vulnerable groups to shop one hour more from today
03.04.2020 21:10 PO Chair of foreign policy body warns of Slovenia's new orientation
03.04.2020 19:37 PO SDS MEPs donating share of pay for Covid-19 relief, PM urges others to follow suit (adds)
reactions by other MEPs throughout
03.04.2020 19:18 PO Police to oversee adherence to epidemic restrictions at weekend (adds)
info on warning issued in para 4, 5
03.04.2020 19:15 PO MPs could discuss police powers for military on Tuesday
03.04.2020 19:06 BE Govt already working on stimulus package No. 2 (adds)
reactions of business and sports in final 6 para
03.04.2020 18:23 HE National Public Health Institute and govt looking to improve cooperation
03.04.2020 18:11 PO Slovenia donates protective equipment to North Macedonia
03.04.2020 17:36 HE Govt restricts use of certain drugs, calls for donations
03.04.2020 17:26 PO Troop rotations on foreign missions put off by three months
03.04.2020 17:10 HE Almost EUR 59,000 raised in donations for Covid-19 relief (adds)
other donations in last 8 para
03.04.2020 16:29 HE Almost EUR 59,000 raised in donations for Covid-19 relief
03.04.2020 16:25 BE Listed companies adjusting dividend policy (adds)
reponse of Zavarovalnica Triglav and info on Generali in para 6, 7
03.04.2020 16:07 HE All persons coming to Slovenia will be quarantined or isolated
03.04.2020 14:00 AS EUR 3 billion fiscal stimulus package, explained (feature)
03.04.2020 13:01 BE Slovenia's jobless total up 0.5% in March
03.04.2020 12:43 PO Govt not giving up on plan to deploy military along the border
03.04.2020 11:57 PO Writers call on authorities to respect human rights during corona crisis
03.04.2020 11:19 BE Coronavirus puts the brake on fuel sales
03.04.2020 11:07 PO Government approval rating at 57.8% in Nova24TV poll
03.04.2020 08:51 PO Delo says responsible outdoor exercise should not be frowned upon
03.04.2020 08:47 BE Dnevnik welcomes fiscal stimulus law, concerned about future
03.04.2020 08:01 PO Paper warns checks and balances key
03.04.2020 01:00 PO Mladina says govt using coronavirus to push its own agenda
03.04.2020 01:00 PO Večer comments on politicians using rhetoric of fear
03.04.2020 00:30 BE Florist shops and nurseries to reopen on Friday
02.04.2020 21:30 PO FM regrets Slovenia's low defence spending in past
02.04.2020 20:36 PO Minister Hojs discusses border measures with Johansson
02.04.2020 19:44 PO Proposal in works to allow remote parliament sessions
02.04.2020 19:30 HE Number of coronavirus cases rises by 56 to 897, 16 deaths confirmed (adds)
care homes' reaction in para 15-17
02.04.2020 18:57 HE High-school leaving exams delayed, other problems tackled (adds)
new info in para 4-8
02.04.2020 17:11 HE Poll shows increase in those deeming latest measures too strict
02.04.2020 15:55 PO Support for EUR 3bn relief package certain, additional aid pending
02.04.2020 15:35 PO Motion to give army police powers voted down on committee (adds)
comment by defence, interior ministers in final 3 paras
02.04.2020 13:45 PO PM says common debt instrument would send strong message of unity
02.04.2020 13:32 PO Janša: This is just the first package of measures
02.04.2020 12:47 HE Hospital director resigns after contentious tweets
02.04.2020 12:32 HE 3D printed face masks joining fight against Covid-19 in Slovenia
02.04.2020 11:59 HE Drive-in testing introduced in Koper
02.04.2020 11:31 AS CORRECTION: It's high time for universal basic income, sociologist says (interview)
Recasts final two paragraphs
02.04.2020 10:55 PO Group of Slovenians returning from US
02.04.2020 09:16 PO Delo notes privacy dilemmas raised by the pandemic
02.04.2020 08:57 PO Dnevnik says government fighting on the wrong front
02.04.2020 01:00 BE Finance urges building robust food supply chains in Slovenia
02.04.2020 00:30 PO MPs expected to pass EUR 3bn coronavirus relief package
01.04.2020 21:47 BE Businesses urge boost measures after production resumes
01.04.2020 21:22 PO Govt seeks to streamline procedure to ban certain referenda
01.04.2020 20:30 HE Solutions sought as Covid-19 situation in nursing homes escalates (adds)
ministers' statements in last 11 para
01.04.2020 19:00 PO SSH urges supervisors to take pay cuts due to coronavirus crisis
01.04.2020 18:27 AS No major violations of stricter movement rules
01.04.2020 18:00 AS Disadvantaged students to get equipment for online classes
01.04.2020 17:13 AS Dobrovnik orchids sent not to the Pope, but hospital staff
01.04.2020 16:50 PO Four more crossings on Slovenia-Austria border to close (adds)
protest by locals in para 4-5
01.04.2020 16:17 AS Ethnographic Museum building collection of coronavirus jokes
01.04.2020 16:11 HE Telekom Slovenije telehealth solution allowing remote monitoring of Covid-19 patients
01.04.2020 16:06 PO Slovenian, Estonian presidents discuss Covid-19 pandemic
01.04.2020 12:12 PO Dozens more Slovenians returning home
01.04.2020 12:03 BE BSH among first major Slovenian manufacturers to restart production
01.04.2020 11:46 HE Slovenian researchers involved in new virus identification effort
01.04.2020 11:36 HE Number of coronavirus cases up by 39 to 841, death toll at 15
01.04.2020 10:42 ST Goran Dragić not coming back to Slovenia any time soon
01.04.2020 08:32 HE Delo analyses Šmarje pri Jelšah case
01.04.2020 01:00 BE Paper worried how destroying the economy will affect the youth
01.04.2020 01:00 PO Večer calls for experts' voice in Covid-19 containment measures
01.04.2020 01:00 PO Dnevnik says political abuse of coronavirus peaking in Hungary
01.04.2020 01:00 PO Delo warns about power grabs during pandemic
31.03.2020 22:35 PO Govt adopts motion to give police powers to military (adds)
statement by govt in final 2 paras
31.03.2020 20:25 PO Stimulus package in parliament no earlier than Thursday (adds)
discussion in last ten para
31.03.2020 18:59 HE Four die as number of Covid-19 persons rises by 46 to 802 (adds)
info on nursing homes in last six para
31.03.2020 18:37 PO Ombudsman urges protecting vulnerable groups amid crisis
31.03.2020 17:23 HE Hisense with major donation of medical equipment for Slovenia (adds)
updates with arrival of ventilators in para 3
31.03.2020 17:20 HE Quarantine to be extended for infected persons
31.03.2020 15:02 ST Some 800 full-time jobs in sport at risk
31.03.2020 14:15 PO Two additional border crossings opening on Slovenian-Hungarian border
31.03.2020 13:39 BE Banka Slovenije expects 6-16% GDP contraction in 2020
31.03.2020 13:35 HE Slovenia sticking to use of masks in indoor public places
31.03.2020 12:31 PO Public health chief thinks latest restrictions not necessary
31.03.2020 08:44 PO Dnevnik rejects arguments for latest movement restrictions
31.03.2020 08:24 HE Seven repatriated from Austria test positive for coronavirus
31.03.2020 08:11 BE Delo thinks stimulus measures should be more targeted
31.03.2020 07:34 PO Delo reserved about new police powers
31.03.2020 07:00 HE Clinical psychologist says lockdown could have consequences
31.03.2020 01:00 HE Primorske Novice says citizens should heed restrictions
30.03.2020 21:31 PO Parliament's legal service deems anti-crisis bill poorly written
30.03.2020 20:04 PO Information watchdog, ombudsman say govt proposal entails Slovenia becoming police state (adds)
rewrites, adds reaction by human rights ombudsman, parliament's legal service 16-19
30.03.2020 17:19 HE Companies jumping in to donate medical equipment to Slovenia
30.03.2020 17:15 BE Unions, businesses welcome mega stimulus bill, expect more from another (adds)
further detals in para 4 and last para
30.03.2020 17:02 HE Staff reinforcements and protective equipment urged for nursing homes
30.03.2020 16:54 PO Stricter measures to fight coronavirus in effect (adds)
info on control of movement across municipal borders in para 3
30.03.2020 16:26 PO Sentences suspended for 68 prisoners, 15 released early (adds)
confirmation of pay cut for state prosecutors in para 10
30.03.2020 16:21 PO Slovenians put into quarantine after returning from Austria
30.03.2020 15:49 PO Opposition mostly happy with stimulus package, but wants new police powers thrown out
30.03.2020 15:39 PO New stimulus package in parliament on Wednesday (adds)
speaker's announcement of promulgation in para 12-13
30.03.2020 15:00 HE Poll finds increasing anxiety about coronavirus
30.03.2020 14:23 BE Minister Vrtovec urges stepping up of infrastructure projects
30.03.2020 13:41 HE Logar asks Slovenians in other EU countries to stay put if possible
30.03.2020 12:11 BE Consumer confidence near four-year low
30.03.2020 11:08 PO Securities market, corruption watchdogs change certain procedures
30.03.2020 09:08 PO Reporter lambastes EU institutions over Covid-19 response
30.03.2020 08:38 HE Dnevnik implies harsher measures are needed to fight coronavirus
30.03.2020 08:30 HE Delo reflects on what crisis brought out in people
30.03.2020 01:00 PO Večer says crisis demonstrated importance of institutions
29.03.2020 20:46 PO Lockdown restrictions tightened as most movement restricted to home municipality (adds)
minister's statement in
29.03.2020 19:05 BE Govt puts forward EUR 3bn stimulus package, expands aid to individuals (adds)
details throughout
29.03.2020 15:49 HE Two deaths and 46 new Covid-19 cases confirmed on Saturday, putting totals at 11 and 730 (adds)
details in paras 2-3
29.03.2020 13:20 HE President Pahor thanks all working hard during crisis with Apple of Inspiration
29.03.2020 12:45 HE Archbishop Zore warns against carelessness, urges attentiveness
29.03.2020 09:49 HE Group evacuated from Spain quarantined in Postojna
29.03.2020 08:52 BE Passenger flight ban extended
29.03.2020 08:34 BE New shopping restrictions in place
29.03.2020 07:00 HE First prisoner with Covid-19 confirmed
28.03.2020 18:31 HE Over 80 residents in six nursing homes infected
28.03.2020 15:51 PO Poll shows 58% trust government on coronavirus action
28.03.2020 14:53 HE 52 new Covid-19 cases confirmed, no cabinet member infected (adds)
details in para 11 and last 6 para
28.03.2020 13:06 HE 52 new Covid-19 cases confirmed, no cabinet member infected (adds)
details about govt session in para 4-5
28.03.2020 09:40 PO Dnevnik: EU's common approach to coronavirus crisis needed
28.03.2020 08:30 BE Spas' revenue could drop by a third due to coronavirus
28.03.2020 01:00 PO Večer disappointed by what it sees as German selfishness
28.03.2020 01:00 PO Primorske Novice agrees with police powers for military
28.03.2020 01:00 PO Delo makes a case for buying local food
27.03.2020 21:50 PO Government to continue work on stimulus package on Saturday
27.03.2020 20:36 HE Quarantine protocol to apply to all Slovenian returning from hotspots (adds)
updates about quarantine in Velenje in final four para
27.03.2020 20:10 HE Covid-19 death toll rises to nine as two more deaths reported Friday (adds)
info about first infected police officer in para 8-9
27.03.2020 18:23 HE Infectologist says Covid-19 numbers do not show whole picture
27.03.2020 17:34 PO Slovenia urges cohesion policy flexibility due to crisis
27.03.2020 16:43 BE Teleworking taking centre stage due to coronavirus outbreak (feature)
27.03.2020 15:19 ST Panel on Sport after the Pandemic agrees crisis could curb greed in sport
27.03.2020 13:23 PO Stimulus package on government agenda today
27.03.2020 12:33 AS Electricity consumption in Slovenia down
27.03.2020 09:47 PO Janša warns lack of joint action potentially fateful for EU
27.03.2020 09:42 HE Funding of kindergartens' labour costs still unclear
27.03.2020 08:38 HE PM says govt doing all it can to supply protective equipment
27.03.2020 08:03 AS Govt welcomes donations for coronavirus relief
27.03.2020 08:00 HE Nation-wide applause for those on Covid-19 front line
27.03.2020 01:00 PO Mladina warns against surveillance capitalism
26.03.2020 20:18 HE Slovenians returning from Spain to be put in strict quarantine
26.03.2020 19:48 BE Austrian companies in Slovenia also affected by Covid-19
26.03.2020 18:36 BE Coronavirus measures affecting flower and garden crop sales
26.03.2020 18:28 BE Assistance urged for sole proprietors who closed their businesses
26.03.2020 18:28 HE Survey: Slovenians quite optimistic about coronavirus situation
26.03.2020 17:50 PO Slovenian MEPs support EU coronavirus measures, critical of initial response
26.03.2020 16:36 AC Giordano's reflection on contagion and crisis available in Slovenian
26.03.2020 16:34 BE Poll: number of news show viewers has doubled during epidemic
26.03.2020 16:31 PO Sixth Covid-19-related death in Slovenia confirmed (adds)
statements, detail and statistics in last seven para
26.03.2020 15:54 HE Janša optimistic as first coronavirus patients recover
26.03.2020 15:46 PO Top officials pledge effective and democratic action (adds)
statements in final 10 para
26.03.2020 15:06 HE Coronavirus crisis particularly hard on Roma without access to drinking water
26.03.2020 14:01 ST Mini basketball tournament kicks off amid coronavirus
26.03.2020 12:39 HE Slovenia's stock of protective gear sufficient for at least a week
26.03.2020 08:57 PO Pahor endorses govt coronavirus action
26.03.2020 08:24 PO Delo: China will expect gratitude for its role in crisis
26.03.2020 01:00 PO Demokracija berates mainstream media for attacking govt
26.03.2020 00:30 PO Slovenia's top officials in crisis meeting
25.03.2020 21:31 HE Major shipment of protective equipment in Slovenia
25.03.2020 21:26 PO Slovenia urges expert opinion on COVID-19 transmission via food
25.03.2020 18:41 PO First convoy of Serbs stuck in Slovenia on the way home
25.03.2020 18:10 HE Fifth Slovenian Covid-19 victim confirmed (adds)
corrected number of persons tested positive in para 5
25.03.2020 17:21 PO Slovenia requests tax and tariff exemption for medical gear imports
25.03.2020 17:05 PO Nine EU leaders, including Janša, urge joint borrowing in Europe (adds)
adds more detail form the letter in final eight para
25.03.2020 14:06 PO No hold-ups at Austria border checkpoints
25.03.2020 12:50 PO Proposal to give army limited police powers on hold for now (adds)
details throughout
25.03.2020 11:18 PO Govt emergency response unit dissolved (adds)
details throughout
25.03.2020 09:45 HE Ljubljana animal shelter preparing to admit animals of Covid-19 patients
25.03.2020 08:27 PO Delo says optimism restored, time to look forward
25.03.2020 01:00 BE Dnevnik finds government corona crisis package modest
25.03.2020 01:00 BE Večer commends government on coronavirus aid package
25.03.2020 01:00 BE Finance reflects on job market upset
24.03.2020 20:51 HE Number of coronavirus cases in Slovenia up by 38 to 480 (adds)
info on the new medicines used in para 12-18
24.03.2020 18:12 PO Slovenia reintroducing border checks with Austria
24.03.2020 18:06 BE Budget funds for stimulus package sufficient, say PM, treasury (adds)
economist's opinion in final 7 paras
24.03.2020 18:06 AS Around 400 Serbians stuck in Slovenia to be taken home (adds)
24.03.2020 17:57 BE Businesses and trade unions largely happy with EUR 2bn "coronapackage"
24.03.2020 17:48 PO Over 100 prisoners sent home due to coronavirus concerns
24.03.2020 17:30 PO Opposition welcomes coronavirus aid package
24.03.2020 16:27 BE Options for home delivery of food products expanding
24.03.2020 16:20 ST Slovenia welcomes decision to postpone Summer Olympics
24.03.2020 15:10 HE Another company launches production of face masks
24.03.2020 14:36 HE Supply of ventilators and protective gear on schedule
24.03.2020 14:31 BE ECB's supervisory measures expanded to all banks in Slovenia
24.03.2020 13:46 BE Work on major infrastructural projects slows down
24.03.2020 13:34 HE Fourth Slovenian coronavirus death confirmed
24.03.2020 13:05 BE Govt announces EUR 2bn stimulus package for economy (adds)
updates, details throughout
24.03.2020 12:46 PO Slovenian, Portuguese presidents discuss anti-coronavirus efforts, post-coronavirus future
24.03.2020 12:02 ST Olympic committee calls on government to also help sport
24.03.2020 11:42 AC Slovenian cultural institutions to incur significant loss of income
24.03.2020 11:05 BE Expert points to excessive accumulation of stocks due to pandemic
24.03.2020 09:59 BE Crisis already reflecting in sole proprietorship, unemployment figures
24.03.2020 09:05 PO Dnevnik says Janša's attacks on media unprecedented
24.03.2020 01:00 PO Mladina says govt abusing epidemic to expand its powers
24.03.2020 01:00 BE Večer urges quick and generous coronavirus bailout package
23.03.2020 21:39 BE Employers with new proposals to mitigate impact of epidemics (adds)
proposals from the tourism and hospitality chamber in para 23-25
23.03.2020 21:08 HE Slovenia receives fresh shipment of protective gear
23.03.2020 20:18 PO Facing criticism, govt introduces moderator at pressers
23.03.2020 19:42 BE Employers with new proposals to mitigate impact of epidemics
23.03.2020 18:29 PO A thousand Slovenians still looking to be repatriated
23.03.2020 17:37 PO Jurists see options to facilitate implementation of emergency laws
23.03.2020 17:25 BE Govt economic forecaster projects up to 8% contraction
23.03.2020 16:23 HE Number of coronavirus cases up by 28 in a day to 442 (adds)
details throughout
23.03.2020 15:32 PO Pahor supports giving army police powers
23.03.2020 15:04 AS Homeless stay in streets as they fear infection in overcrowded shelters
23.03.2020 15:01 HE Ban on movement and gatherings largely successful
23.03.2020 14:30 BE Fuel prices fall to ten year low
23.03.2020 14:16 BE Second emergency package taking shape, govt to discuss guidelines
23.03.2020 13:53 HE New Covid-19 testing rules in place
23.03.2020 13:33 BE Businesses reckon EUR 2-4bn stimulus package needed
23.03.2020 12:53 PO Slovenians returning from Montenegro and Kosovo
23.03.2020 11:35 BE Boxmark launching face mask production
23.03.2020 11:19 BE Central bank chief says concerted monetary, fiscal policy action needed (interview)
23.03.2020 09:10 PO Večer reflects on how the powerful are responding to pandemic
23.03.2020 08:12 HE Healthcare affected by years of austerity, Delo says
23.03.2020 08:11 PO Primorske Novice says bleak doomsday comparisons uncalled for
23.03.2020 01:00 BE Finance urges write-off instead of deferral
22.03.2020 20:18 HE Second Covid-19 patient dies in Slovenia (adds)
Janša's visit to Metlika in para 5-7
22.03.2020 17:23 HE Stranded Slovenians returning home from Paris
22.03.2020 16:20 PO PM drawing links between epidemic and independence war
22.03.2020 14:47 HE Slovenia sees 31 new coronavirus cases in a day
21.03.2020 19:48 HE Education Ministry happy with home schooling during covid-19 epidemic
21.03.2020 19:30 PO Condemnation as PM Janša accuses public broadcaster of lie
21.03.2020 17:33 HE Number of covid-19 cases reaches 383 (adds)
PM's visit to a hot spot in final 2 paras
21.03.2020 14:52 PO Govt preparing measures to help households, companies cope
21.03.2020 13:26 HE Slovenians most worried about when covid-19 crisis will end
21.03.2020 12:56 BE Crisis response unit established to assist hauliers
21.03.2020 12:42 HE Slovenia to restrict movement of people to municipal limits (adds)
details about lower electricity bills on penultimate para
21.03.2020 09:00 HE Shutdown not making Slovenia's air any cleaner
21.03.2020 01:00 PO Večer critical of minister pay rises
20.03.2020 21:03 BE Banks say liabilities deferral act flawed and unclear
20.03.2020 19:59 BE Govt shortens opening hours of grocery stores
20.03.2020 19:54 HE Slovenia underlines commitment to open market amid equipment supply issues
20.03.2020 19:18 BE Power prices for households and SMEs cut by 20% (adds)
details in para 3-4
20.03.2020 17:29 HE Slovenia enters lockdown mode (adds)
more detail from para 3 to 7
20.03.2020 17:20 BE Companies responding to coronavirus crisis differently
20.03.2020 17:13 HE Healthcare top priority in face mask distribution (adds)
reacasts to include latest shipment
20.03.2020 17:10 PO Minister to seek police powers for army next week to secure border
20.03.2020 15:04 HE Ivan Eržen named acting director of public health institute
20.03.2020 14:42 HE Number of confirmed coronavirus cases up by 22 in a day to 341
20.03.2020 13:31 BE Minister assures public there is enough food for months
20.03.2020 13:26 HE Expert: Current testing regime rational, not ideal (interview)
20.03.2020 13:22 PO Criticism as some reject repatriation flight
20.03.2020 11:34 ST Tour of Slovenia, European chess championship cancelled
20.03.2020 10:19 HE Slovenia joins efforts to develop new coronavirus vaccine
20.03.2020 08:59 BE Dnevnik expects coronavirus to change housing policy
20.03.2020 08:14 HE Primorske says people will need to reset their priorities
20.03.2020 07:46 PO Delo calls for active citizenship in crisis time
20.03.2020 01:02 HE Parliament passes package of laws to mitigate fallout of coronavirus crisis
20.03.2020 01:00 PO Mladina fears populists will abuse coronavirus for other goals
20.03.2020 01:00 PO Večer urges vigilant monitoring of govt steps
19.03.2020 21:57 PO Govt announces lockdown, starts at midnight (adds)
videoaddress by PM Janez Janša in para 6-11
19.03.2020 18:44 PO Minister mulling police powers for the army (adds)
opition of defence expert in final four para
19.03.2020 17:31 PO Police and border officials from region discuss emergency supply
19.03.2020 16:09 BE Calls to suspend construction work, hop growers face staff shortage
19.03.2020 15:40 HE Number of confirmed coronavirus cases at 319 by 2pm, up by 33 in a day (adds)
details on hospital situation and simulation of possible scenarios
19.03.2020 15:37 PO Logar discusses coronavirus situation with several ministers
19.03.2020 14:27 BE Slovenian companies in China resuming work after lockdown
19.03.2020 13:14 HE Half a million face masks delivered to civil defence today (adds)
report on fraud in last 6 para
19.03.2020 12:51 BE Slovenian companies ramping up production of sanitiser
19.03.2020 11:01 HE Stranded Slovenians returning home
19.03.2020 09:07 BE Delo feels aid to economy should come before welfare this time
19.03.2020 09:05 PO Demokracija: No time for ideological, political disputes
19.03.2020 08:46 PO Dnevnik says Janša using coronavirus to settle political scores
19.03.2020 06:09 BE New rules for shops in place
19.03.2020 01:00 HE Večer says govt should focus on protecting critical services
19.03.2020 01:00 BE Finance urges mitigation actions asap
19.03.2020 00:30 BE Emergency bills on parliament's agenda
18.03.2020 21:03 BE Businesses urged to follow example of Chinese-owned Gorenje over coronavirus
18.03.2020 18:46 PO Pahor urges Von der Leyen to facilitate purchase of medical equipment
18.03.2020 18:30 HE More than 650 Slovenians still away abroad
18.03.2020 17:49 BE Slovenia points to major consequences on transport at EU level
18.03.2020 17:32 HE Number of confirmed coronavirus cases at 286 by 2pm, up by 13 in a day (adds)
details in last 5 para
18.03.2020 17:10 BE Committees clear first emergency bills, including on temporary lay-offs
18.03.2020 16:43 HE Drug makers working hard to secure undisturbed supply
18.03.2020 15:53 AC Art galleries moving online due to coronavirus
18.03.2020 15:14 BE Govt adopts bill to defer businesses' debt
18.03.2020 14:02 PO Slovenia to ban public gatherings of more than five persons
18.03.2020 13:47 HE Hospitals making room for potential new coronavirus patients
18.03.2020 09:14 PO Delo looks at geopolitical dimensions of coronavirus crisis
18.03.2020 08:17 BE Delo focusing on life after coronavirus
18.03.2020 07:34 PO PM says people's safety, health come first in fight against coronavirus
18.03.2020 01:00 BE Finance calls for debt write-off benefiting self-employed
17.03.2020 20:30 BE Govt pushing back tax duties for companies, taking direct control of budget
17.03.2020 20:22 HE Health minister: Everybody should behave as if they are contagious (adds)
new test rule in para 20
17.03.2020 19:21 AS Police overwhelmed by calls amid epidemic
17.03.2020 19:06 ST Division I ice hockey worlds in Slovenia cancelled
17.03.2020 19:04 HE Army field hospital erected in Ljubljana, ready to admit Covid-19 patients
17.03.2020 18:43 AS Recently apprehended migrants test negative for coronavirus
17.03.2020 18:08 HE Crisis Commissioner Lenarčič argues for widespread testing (adds)
details throughout
17.03.2020 18:07 HE Shops advised to secure enough room between customers
17.03.2020 17:38 BE Slovenian workers losing jobs in Austria due to Covid-19 spread
17.03.2020 16:07 PO Govt will step up measures to contain coronavirus, PM says (adds)
statements from Janša, other participants throughout
17.03.2020 14:51 HE Number of confirmed coronavirus cases up by 20 in a day to 273
17.03.2020 14:09 PO Fiscal rule not to hinder fight against coronavirus (adds)
fiscal council statement in last 4 para
17.03.2020 13:00 HE New infections confirmed in healthcare staff, but cases isolated
17.03.2020 11:59 BE Boxmark to make face masks for the state
17.03.2020 11:18 PO Austria, Croatia closing small crossings on Slovenia border
17.03.2020 10:27 HE Talks reportedly under way to use tocilizumab drug in Slovenia
17.03.2020 09:48 PO Many Slovenians still stranded abroad, new evacuation flights planned
17.03.2020 08:32 BE Delo sees coronavirus pandemic as eye-opener
17.03.2020 01:00 BE Govt needs to prevent recession, Dnevnik says
17.03.2020 01:00 BE Večer says coronavirus puts employers at serious test
17.03.2020 00:30 HE National Security Council meeting over Covid-19 as flight ban in force
16.03.2020 22:38 HE Passenger flight ban in force as of midnight (adds)
info on Moscow flight in para 9
16.03.2020 22:34 HE Public life grinds to a halt as coronavirus tally reaches 253 (roundup)
16.03.2020 21:34 BE Companies adapting to new reality, unions want govt restrictions (adds)
info on Mangna Steyr paint shop closure in para 5
16.03.2020 21:27 HE Croatia limits entry ban to Slovenians from border region (adds)
recasts with expansion of measure for Dolenjska
16.03.2020 20:46 HE Gantar calls on EU to limit prices of protective equipment
16.03.2020 20:44 BE Trade unions say some employers ignore Covid-19 measures
16.03.2020 20:39 HE MOT tests and car registration suspended
16.03.2020 19:29 PO National Security Council meeting tomorrow
info on council's changed lineup in para 5
16.03.2020 19:24 BE Banks shortening opening hours, insurance offices closed (adds)
info from NKBM in para 4-5, Bank Association in para 9-11
16.03.2020 19:12 AC Culture in the time of coronavirus
16.03.2020 18:57 HE Slovenia's tally of coronavirus cases at 253 (adds)
expands with details throughout
16.03.2020 18:12 PO Slovenian, Hungarian FMs discuss coronavirus, bilateral ties
16.03.2020 17:29 BE Govt to help self-employed hit by coronavirus
16.03.2020 16:18 BE Mobile operators report disruption as virus lockdown starts
16.03.2020 15:53 PO National Assembly session scheduled for Wednesday
16.03.2020 15:42 AS Shops limiting opening hours and urging online shopping
16.03.2020 15:29 BE Calls mounting for measures supporting the self-employed
16.03.2020 15:26 HE Govt proposes one-month suspension of prison sentences over virus
16.03.2020 13:12 PO Janša discusses new coronavirus measures with von der Leyen
16.03.2020 11:21 HE Specialist registrars mobilised to help fight coronavirus
16.03.2020 10:14 HE CORRECTION: Croatia limits entry ban to Slovenians from border region
Day of ban
16.03.2020 09:30 HE Weekly Reporter calls for unity
16.03.2020 09:12 HE Poll: Coronavirus not yet perceived as major threat last week
16.03.2020 08:49 HE Delo urges people to show solidarity to others and state by staying home
16.03.2020 07:00 HE Ban on sale of protective equipment lifted
16.03.2020 01:00 BE Finance: Companies will need plenty of help
16.03.2020 00:30 PO New restrictions in place to contain epidemic
15.03.2020 20:55 PO Sweeping new restrictions introduced to contain epidemic (roundup)
15.03.2020 19:38 BE Slovenia to suspend air traffic on Tuesday
15.03.2020 19:28 HE School closure extended indefinitely under new govt decree
15.03.2020 18:23 HE Foreign Ministry advises Slovenians against any travel
14.03.2020 23:26 PO Public transportation to be suspended Monday, bar ban planned
14.03.2020 20:16 HE Maribor orders bars, restaurants closed
14.03.2020 18:28 BE Situation on border remains complicated
14.03.2020 18:27 HE Govt acting to secure food supplies during covid-19 emergency
14.03.2020 15:55 PO Foreign Ministry advises against all travel to Spain (adds)
expands info in last 4 paras
14.03.2020 15:04 PO Govt caps protective gear prices, creates legal basis to fight covid-19 (adds)
new measure in last 2 para
14.03.2020 14:15 HE Coronavirus infection on Tuesday's Turkish Airlines flight to Ljubljana
14.03.2020 10:44 HE AI leveraged to track coronavirus news
14.03.2020 08:40 PO Govt sets up coronavirus crisis unit, measures yet to follow
13.03.2020 19:14 PO Janša promises maximum efforts to fight coronavirus epidemic
13.03.2020 17:30 HE Sale of protective gear, sanitizer banned
13.03.2020 16:17 HE Urgent appeal for social distancing as COVID-19 cases keep rising (adds)
more info throughout
13.03.2020 16:12 PO Slovenia urges deal with Croatia, Hungary on stranded lorries
13.03.2020 15:00 BE Chamber of Commerce says economic damage of coronavirus will be grave
13.03.2020 13:59 AC Cultural institutions also closing doors due to coronavirus
13.03.2020 13:55 HE Gantar: COVID-19 outbreak could get out of hand unless slowed down
13.03.2020 13:34 BE Cargo curbs causing long tailbacks on border crossings (adds)
updates throughout, info on measuers to help drivers
13.03.2020 12:15 BE Officials react to stockpiling with assurances supply is stable
13.03.2020 08:51 ST Paper says coronavirus could result in growth of e-sport
13.03.2020 08:36 HE Delo urges unity, agrees strict measures needed
13.03.2020 01:00 PO Primorske sees humaneness tested
13.03.2020 01:00 HE Večer urges responsible conduct in face of coronavirus
12.03.2020 19:20 HE Slovenia declares coronavirus epidemic (roundup)
12.03.2020 18:25 HE Confirmed coronavirus cases rise to 96
12.03.2020 17:09 PO Incoming govt announces sweeping lockdown measures (adds)
expands statements throughout
12.03.2020 15:34 HE Major sporting events and competitions in Slovenia cancelled (adds)
postponement of ski flying world championships at Planica in para 6-8
12.03.2020 15:11 BE Govt forecaster slashes GDP growth projection to 1.5%
12.03.2020 14:01 BE Bill on subsidised wages for laid-off, quarantined workers adopted (adds)
statement from labour minister in last three para
12.03.2020 13:46 HE Schools, kindergartens in Slovenia to be closed as of Monday (adds)
statements, data throughout
12.03.2020 12:39 HE Epidemic to be declared in Slovenia as case count rises to 82 (adds)
more info on virus spreading
12.03.2020 11:17 AS Situation on border with Italy calm after checks introduced
12.03.2020 10:44 HE Coronavirus outbreak in Slovenia entering second phase
12.03.2020 10:10 BE IMAD has halved its 3% GDP growth forecast for 2020, Počivalšek says
12.03.2020 08:44 BE Delo says public health should come before free movement of persons
12.03.2020 01:00 HE Delo says border checks on border with Italy come too late
11.03.2020 19:04 HE Slovenia steps up containment efforts as coronavirus cases surge (roundup)
11.03.2020 16:26 HE Border checks on entry points with Italy as of today (adds)
additional info in para 8-10 and 23-24
11.03.2020 16:07 HE Number of confirmed coronavirus cases increases to 57 (adds)
updates on patients at UKC Ljubljana in para 9, 11
11.03.2020 15:42 BE Calls for self-employed, precarious workers to get protection
11.03.2020 12:12 HE First school closed in Slovenia as teacher tests positive for coronavirus (adds)
explanation of education minister in para 3-7
11.03.2020 11:05 ST Slovenian international provides welcome respite to Italian fans
11.03.2020 09:12 HE Večer says COVID-19 consequences will be grave
11.03.2020 01:00 PO Primorske Novice says disregard of COVID-19 instructions should be fined
10.03.2020 20:21 PO Slovenia closing border with Italy as coronavirus cases rise to 34 (roundup)
10.03.2020 16:56 HE Number of confirmed coronavirus cases rises to 31 (adds)
food minister's assurance about stable food supply in final 2 para
10.03.2020 16:54 AC Culture institutions requesting state aid due to coronavirus
10.03.2020 14:26 BE Several flights cancelled at Ljubljana airport due to new virus
10.03.2020 12:55 AS Campaign raises over thousand face masks for children with cancer
10.03.2020 12:12 HE Slovenians advised to avoid Italy travel altogether
10.03.2020 08:03 HE Paper expects coronavirus to effect profound change in economy
10.03.2020 01:00 HE Finance finds potential school closures problematic
10.03.2020 01:00 HE Dnevnik expects mounting state aid requests
09.03.2020 22:28 HE Slovenia introducing passenger checks to curb coronavirus spread (adds)
updates number of infected persons
09.03.2020 17:52 HE Health institutions gearing up as number of coronavirus cases rising
09.03.2020 17:30 HE Temperature screening to start at Ljubljana airport, extra measures planned on land border (adds)
adds more info, corrects number of infections from 24 to 23
09.03.2020 16:39 BE Ljubljana Stock Exchange dives on coronavirus fears
09.03.2020 15:10 BE Govt announces EUR 1bn package to mitigate impact of coronavirus (adds)
details on sick leave in final 5 para
09.03.2020 13:54 HE Uni lectures suspended due to coronavirus
09.03.2020 08:49 BE Delo says tourism should use break to refresh
09.03.2020 01:00 BE Primorske Novice says irresponsibility as dangerous as the virus
08.03.2020 19:28 HE No coronavirus epidemic in Slovenia, but protective measures necessary, officials say (adds)
more statements throughout
07.03.2020 19:44 HE Ban on large indoor public events announced as number of confirmed coronavirus cases rises to 12 (adds)
minister's explanations in para 3-6
07.03.2020 11:38 HE Delo looks at coronavirus situation
07.03.2020 01:00 HE Večer wonders whether Slovenia is prepared well for coronavirus
06.03.2020 20:18 HE Slovenians urged to postpone travel, as number of coronavirus cases rises (roundup)
06.03.2020 20:17 HE New coronavirus case confirmed in Slovenia, not related to others (adds)
minister's statements in first four para
06.03.2020 19:29 HE Foreign Ministry advises Slovenians to postpone non-essential trips abroad
06.03.2020 16:18 PO Janša says keeping people informed about coronavirus best way to fight panic (adds)
health minister in para 15-19, updates number of cases in para 9
06.03.2020 16:12 BE Hotels closing doors amid coronavirus outbreak
06.03.2020 16:12 BE OZS calls for tax relief measures to tackle coronavirus ramifications (adds)
info on planned emergency subsidies in final 3 paras
06.03.2020 15:57 HE Seventh coronavirus case confirmed in Slovenia
06.03.2020 14:46 HE Foreign Ministry advises against all travel to north Italy
05.03.2020 23:20 HE Measures afoot as six test positive for coronavirus in Slovenia (roundup)
05.03.2020 22:58 HE Coronavirus cases in Slovenia increase to six
05.03.2020 21:27 BE Bill reportedly ready to subsidise businesses hurt by coronavirus
05.03.2020 15:45 HE First coronavirus patient in Slovenia was on group trip in Morocco
05.03.2020 15:35 BE Tour operators in Slovenia significantly affected by coronavirus
05.03.2020 14:03 HE Second novel coronavirus case in Slovenia confirmed (adds)
additional info
05.03.2020 11:37 HE Doctors rushing to identify persons in contact with first coronavirus patient
04.03.2020 22:23 HE First case of coronavirus infection confirmed in Slovenia
04.03.2020 15:33 BE Home fair kicks off despite COVID-19 fears
04.03.2020 15:06 HE Internautica cancelled this year due to coronavirus
04.03.2020 11:58 BE Businesses urge measures in response to coronavirus fallout
04.03.2020 10:43 BE Coronavirus not yet denting tourism footfall along border
04.03.2020 09:40 HE Slovenian community councillor in Italy positive for coronavirus
04.03.2020 09:13 BE Coronavirus disrupts production at Revoz (adds)
03.03.2020 14:49 BE CORRECTION: Slovenian companies in China yet to assess coronavirus damage
company description in para 3
02.03.2020 18:21 HE Questions raised over coronavirus testing in Slovenia (adds)
comment by microbiologist in final 4 para
02.03.2020 09:41 HE Lenarčič says cooperation needed to contain coronavirus
01.03.2020 13:17 HE Slovenia remains without confirmed coronavirus cases
29.02.2020 15:23 HE Last Slovenian Diamond Princess passengers return home
27.02.2020 17:01 PO Govt adopts measures in preparation for coronavirus, warns against panic (adds)
detail in para 4, comments on Croatia's measures in para 9-12
27.02.2020 15:27 HE Slovenians advised not to travel to parts of South Korea, Iran
26.02.2020 18:48 AS No coronavirus confirmed in Slovenia as yet, 59 test negative (adds)
statement by ministry in final three para
25.02.2020 19:15 HE Public institutions taking precautionary measures to protect against coronavirus (adds)
parliamentary Health Committee, meeting in Rome in final 5 paras
25.02.2020 00:30 HE Parliamentary body meeting over COVID-19 in Italy, health minister due in Rome
24.02.2020 19:14 BE Coronavirus so far not affecting Slovenian economy
24.02.2020 17:10 HE Coronavirus: Proportionate measures being taken, border closure possible
24.02.2020 00:30 HE Officials meeting over coronavirus situation
23.02.2020 19:45 HE Coronavirus: Minister says no reason for panic in Slovenia (adds)
statements throughout
23.02.2020 14:21 HE Coronavirus: Foreign Ministry advises caution to travellers to Italy (adds)
detail on Venice Carnival in para 3-4, call for National Security session and reaction in last 2 para
22.02.2020 12:17 AS Two Slovenian passengers from Diamond Princess arrive home (adds)
detail, statements throughout
21.02.2020 12:30 HE Cruise passengers due home on chartered flight tomorrow
20.02.2020 15:16 HE Two Slovenians test positive for COVID-19 (adds)
statements, details throughout
18.02.2020 19:48 HE Slovenia well equipped for COVID-19 diagnosis, less for outbreak, experts say
18.02.2020 15:59 HE Slovenians quarantined on cruise ship due home by weekend (adds)
comments in para 5-7, govt sesdsion in final 4 paras
17.02.2020 13:46 HE Slovenians aboard quarantined cruise ship in good health
13.02.2020 15:34 PO Slovenia sending 1.2 million face masks to China (adds)
details in para 5-7
07.02.2020 12:31 HE Three Slovenian couples on quarantined cruise ship
05.02.2020 11:11 HE Slovenians advised to delay non-urgent trips to China
04.02.2020 13:37 BE Postal company stops accepting mail for China
04.02.2020 12:54 BE Koper port says coronavirus to affect business, no measures adopted yet
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