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10.07.2020 01:00 PO Večer says burden of recovery again on taxpayers
10.07.2020 01:00 PO Primorske Novice deems tracing app double-edged sword
09.07.2020 20:19 PO MPs pass new coronacrisis package, envisage contact tracing app
09.07.2020 16:56 BE European Commission approves SID-managed EUR 222m loan aid scheme
09.07.2020 13:42 BE State loan guarantee scheme to be fully operational in autumn
09.07.2020 10:37 HE Slovenia sees lowest coronavirus daily count this month
09.07.2020 00:30 PO Parliament to vote on law introducing contact tracing app
08.07.2020 18:11 HE Country's key Covid-19 treatment facility stretched to limit
08.07.2020 17:00 PO Govt reduces cap on gatherings from 50 to 10, allows exceptions
08.07.2020 16:37 PO Only one border crossing open 24/7 for quarantine arrivals
08.07.2020 11:02 PO Tuesday's tests confirm 24 new SARS-CoV-2 infections in Slovenia
08.07.2020 10:24 BE C-bank expects labour market deterioration, especially once support is removed
08.07.2020 08:39 HE Delo says parents overlooked in distance learning survey
08.07.2020 01:00 HE Večer sees challenges in distance learning
07.07.2020 17:41 PO Parliamentary body hears opinion clash over protective gear procurement
07.07.2020 17:02 HE Slovenia records 23 new coronavirus cases for Monday (adds)
details about Cerknica hotspot in para 4-6
07.07.2020 16:40 PO Warnings mount against govt-proposed contact tracing app solution
07.07.2020 15:40 AS Distance learning more challenging, say pupils and teachers (adds)
additional info throughout
07.07.2020 15:19 HE Officials urge flattening of curve as Slovenia turning Covid-19 yellow (adds)
details in para 7, 8 and final para
07.07.2020 15:05 BE Charter flights with Greece set up again
07.07.2020 14:47 ST Slovenia's largest tennis tournament cancelled
07.07.2020 12:07 BE HIT records 50% drop in visits as casinos reopen
07.07.2020 10:11 PO Contact tracing app step closer to being adopted
07.07.2020 10:03 PO Trump's re-election chances not looking good, says Delo
07.07.2020 08:58 PO Delo says mid-term measures should be in focus
07.07.2020 01:00 PO Večer says people's safety in Balkans sacrificed for election success
07.07.2020 01:00 PO Primorske Novice says govt taking action too late
06.07.2020 19:33 PO Tracing app dominates committee debate on new stimulus package
06.07.2020 19:23 PO Minister says anti-corona measures must be proportionate
06.07.2020 17:58 HE France and almost entire Czechia reinstated to green list
06.07.2020 17:33 HE Care homes say no systemic solutions found after first Covid-19 wave
06.07.2020 17:17 PO Opposition insists on own inquiry into coronavirus measures
06.07.2020 15:44 AC Pandemic prompts poetry collection #instapoetry
06.07.2020 15:30 HE Sixteen new coronavirus cases confirmed, including Vipava care home outbreak (adds)
number of active cases and info on Maribor outbreak in final 4 para
06.07.2020 15:06 BE Fiscal Council puts budgets costs of crisis measures at EUR 1.1bn so far
06.07.2020 13:19 HE Pair face fine or prison for negligently spreading coronavirus (adds)
details from govt briefing
06.07.2020 07:00 PO Concerns aplenty as MPs start debating contact tracing app (background)
05.07.2020 19:36 HE Over 300 quarantine orders served on border Saturday (adds)
updates with latest figures throughout
05.07.2020 19:17 HE Outbreak of Covid-19 at Vipava nursing home, 15 infected (roundup)
05.07.2020 18:09 HE Another six Covid-19 cases confirmed at Vipava nursing home
05.07.2020 17:42 HE 21 new Covid-19 cases confirmed on Saturday (adds)
details about ljubljana mayor in penultimate para
05.07.2020 14:43 HE Great interest in Covid-19 antibody testing, results unreliable
04.07.2020 13:44 PO Janša offers app as solution until Covd-19 vaccine found
04.07.2020 10:15 PO Border restrictions in force for citizens of Croatia, France, Czechia (adds)
adds link to list, corrects figure from 22 to 21 in final para
04.07.2020 01:00 BE Delo sees some positive signs amid labour market gloom
03.07.2020 21:05 PO Janša talks Covid-19 situation with Hungarian, Czech PMs
03.07.2020 19:48 PO Logar, Maas, Silva say EU better prepared for potential second Covid-19 wave (adds)
meeting with Janša in last 6 para
03.07.2020 19:35 BE Hoteliers expect tourism recovery in 2024
03.07.2020 18:55 PO Three countries removed from green list as measure to contain Covid-19 (adds)
more statements by Hojs, reaction by Czechia throughout
03.07.2020 18:37 PO Pahor on phone with Icelandic counterpart
03.07.2020 16:46 HE Govt decides against general ban on visits to nursing homes
03.07.2020 13:58 BE GZS proposes changes to state loan guarantee scheme
03.07.2020 13:39 BE Banks receive EUR 400m-worth of loan payment deferral requests
03.07.2020 01:00 PO Paper welcomes tighter conditions to enter Slovenia to contain Covid-19
02.07.2020 20:33 HE Report says bulk of FFP2 masks in Slovenia and Europe not properly tested
02.07.2020 19:46 HE Slovenia's daily coronavirus count hits 21 for Wednesday (adds)
details in last three para
02.07.2020 19:00 PO Croatia, France and Czechia to be yellow-listed on Saturday (adds)
details throughout
02.07.2020 18:15 BE SID Bank carries out its first "Covid-19" bond issue
02.07.2020 17:11 HE Slovenia's daily coronavirus count hits 21 for Wednesday (adds)
additional info throughout
02.07.2020 16:05 BE Protest held against planned lay-offs at Ljubljana airport
02.07.2020 01:00 BE Finance says too many healthcare staff receive epidemic bonuses
01.07.2020 13:54 HE Poll shows growing concern as Covid-19 count increases
01.07.2020 13:48 HE Chief Covid-19 advisor concerned about secondary infections
01.07.2020 13:43 PO Počivalšek wants quick and professional investigation (adds)
SMC's endorsement in para 7-8
30.06.2020 19:42 AS Probe into ventilator procurement triggers resignation of interior minister (roundup)
30.06.2020 18:58 PO Slovenia keeps Croatia on list of Covid-19 safe countries (adds)
comments by minister in para 10-14
30.06.2020 15:56 BE OZS would like fourth stimulus package to include liquidity measures
30.06.2020 15:47 BE Agricultural exhibition Agra cancelled due to coronavirus
30.06.2020 13:30 AS House searches conducted over ventilator procurement (adds)
details in para 6-8
30.06.2020 13:16 HE Slovenia sees 15 new coronavirus cases in a new peak (adds)
info on doctor infections from para 5 on
30.06.2020 09:08 PO Dnevnik points to inconsistencies regarding anti-Covid-19 strategy
30.06.2020 08:43 PO Delo questions contact tracing app proposal
30.06.2020 01:00 BE Finance happy less money than predicted spent on corona crisis
30.06.2020 01:00 PO Večer suggests people ready for Swedish approach to SARS-CoV-2
29.06.2020 20:01 HE Four new coronavirus cases in Slovenia on Sunday (adds)
unofficial reports about positive cases among UKC Maribor staff in para 8, 9
29.06.2020 17:09 BE Worker protest announced against planned lay-offs at Ljubljana airport
29.06.2020 15:56 AC We are #Open for Culture campaign promoting arts
29.06.2020 15:20 HE EU Commission approves Slovenia's state aid scheme for companies
29.06.2020 14:17 PO Govt packs latest Covid-19 measures into new legislative proposal (adds)
more info on contact tracing app in para 7-12
29.06.2020 13:16 BE Domestic face mask production budding after all
29.06.2020 13:09 PO Govt may be forced to de-list Croatia as Covid-19 safe country
29.06.2020 11:32 PO Soldiers' union files criminal complaint over Statehood Day ceremony incident
29.06.2020 08:53 HE Delo says Slovenia waiting for coronavirus tsunami
29.06.2020 01:00 BE Finance warns about tracing app dilemmas
28.06.2020 16:51 PO Govt sets out to get Slovenia ready for second Covid-19 wave
28.06.2020 15:57 BE Hotels on coast almost fully booked, guests mostly Slovenians
28.06.2020 12:28 HE Nine new coronavirus cases confirmed in 625 tests on Saturday (adds)
additional info in para 3
27.06.2020 13:06 HE 14 new coronavirus cases confirmed in 878 tests on Friday (adds)
response by spokesperson Kacin in final para
27.06.2020 01:00 BE Večer wonders why govt failed to tackle company liquidity issue
26.06.2020 17:09 PO Info commissioner: Only voluntary use of tracing app acceptable
26.06.2020 13:13 PO Left wants 80% compensation for all workers sent into quarantine
26.06.2020 11:54 HE 11 new Covid-19 cases confirmed in 843 tests on Thursday
26.06.2020 10:40 PO Slovenia welcomes EU Commission's efforts to aid members overcome crisis
26.06.2020 09:11 PO Dnevnik points to shortcomings of distant learning
26.06.2020 08:45 PO Delo urges caution in face of resurgence of SARS-CoV-2
25.06.2020 10:51 HE Six new coronavirus infections confirmed on Wednesday
25.06.2020 08:15 BE Petrol secures EUR 25m loan from EBRD to cushion coronavirus impact
24.06.2020 19:39 BE Issue raised as employees threatened with dismissals over quarantine (adds)
Labour Inspectorate's responsein para 7-11
24.06.2020 17:23 BE Govt forecaster corrects outlook to a milder contraction (adds)
more statements and data in para 7-10 and 12
24.06.2020 17:21 HE Slovenia expanding list of Covid-19 risky countries (adds)
more details in final 8 para
24.06.2020 17:18 PO Govt extending furlough scheme, creates legal basis for contact tracing app (adds)
more info in para 5, 14
24.06.2020 16:53 HE Seven new Covid-19 cases confirmed in Slovenia on Tuesday (adds)
additional info on new cases in para 7-11
24.06.2020 14:59 HE Face masks compulsory again indoors and on public transport
23.06.2020 19:54 HE Number of new coronavirus cases surges to 13 (adds)
statement by minister about potential new measures in paras 11-12
23.06.2020 14:30 PO NSi calls for extending furlough scheme for another month
23.06.2020 13:23 BE First vouchers cashed in at the coast, in spas
23.06.2020 12:58 HE Croatia still deemed safe despite health minister's concern
22.06.2020 17:46 PO Slovenia, Austria to do everything to keep shared border open (adds)
meeting with German-speaking community reps in para 18-19
22.06.2020 17:23 PO LMŠ proposes universal income for three months
22.06.2020 15:58 BE Govt in talks with several airlines about flying to Ljubljana airport
22.06.2020 15:08 BE Ministry preparing possible scenarios for next school year
22.06.2020 14:33 HE Slovenia sees one new coronavirus infection (adds)
info on case in para 3, Covid-19 patient turning up at Ljubljana emergency in para 6-15
22.06.2020 01:00 BE Finance says working from home here to stay
21.06.2020 12:55 HE One new coronavirus case confirmed on Saturday (adds)
details in last para
20.06.2020 11:49 HE Six new coronavirus infections confirmed in Slovenia on Friday (adds)
more info in final two para
20.06.2020 11:21 PO Dnevnik says govt looking out for business in the face of epidemic
19.06.2020 18:58 HE Unsuitable masks delivered to hospitals, only fraction returned
19.06.2020 13:05 BE Over 20,000 employees already registered for short-time work
19.06.2020 10:48 HE Two new coronavirus cases confirmed on Thursday
19.06.2020 06:00 PO The A to Z of tourism vouchers (feature)
19.06.2020 00:30 PO Slovenia to urge rapid agreement as EU leaders discuss recovery package
18.06.2020 18:42 AS Firefighters and small companies most trusted, shows poll
18.06.2020 18:04 PO Slovenia imposes stricter rules on border to prevent imported coronavirus cases (adds)
statements in last 3 para
18.06.2020 17:45 BE Projects worth almost EUR 8bn to get priority treatment (adds)
specific projects in final 5 para
18.06.2020 15:16 AS Slovenia among countries with highest Covid-19 prison release rates (adds)
response from Prison Administration in last three para
18.06.2020 14:43 BE Eight new coronavirus cases confirmed in Slovenia on Wednesday (adds)
sources of infections in final 4 para
18.06.2020 01:00 BE Finance sees aviation industry as symbol of fragile global economy
17.06.2020 18:09 HE Key Covid-19 advisor urges reimposing border measures (adds)
indication of change of rules in para 10-16
17.06.2020 11:30 HE Four new coronavirus cases confirmed in three Slovenian cities
17.06.2020 08:37 BE Delo says Slovenia should capitalise on favourable epidemiological situation
16.06.2020 15:25 AS Ljubljana and Maribor Pride parades postponed to autumn
16.06.2020 10:51 HE Three more people test positive for coronavirus
16.06.2020 08:52 PO Delo pessimistic about national budget
15.06.2020 15:31 PO Minister says EU needs solidarity-based action after pandemic
15.06.2020 15:01 HE Vast majority for shop closure on Sundays, shows poll
15.06.2020 14:21 HE US embassy donates PPE and disinfection device (adds)
value of donation in final para
15.06.2020 14:20 BE Govt expects boost in foreign tourism in second half of summer
15.06.2020 13:32 AS Bathing seasons starting, protective measures in place
15.06.2020 13:24 HE Schools warn safety measures cannot be implemented in full
15.06.2020 12:01 HE Slovenia records one new coronavirus case as patient moved to ICU
15.06.2020 11:15 BE Average net wage up 11.5% in April due to crisis bonuses
15.06.2020 09:54 PO Finance wants measures for growth, not short-time work subsidies
15.06.2020 09:24 PO Primorske says people too relaxed as tourist season approaches
13.06.2020 11:01 HE Two new coronavirus infections confirmed on Friday
13.06.2020 09:00 BE Coronavirus cutting back on foreign workers, but not violations (feature)
13.06.2020 08:00 BE Hit reopens casinos on border with Italy
13.06.2020 00:30 BE International public transport relaunched after three months
12.06.2020 18:33 HE Slovenia mulling using Italian contact tracing app
12.06.2020 16:57 BE Over 50% intend to spend summer holidays in Slovenia
12.06.2020 12:05 AC Club scene slowly back in business
12.06.2020 10:31 HE Slovenia records two new coronavirus cases
12.06.2020 09:08 PO Economy minister ouster attempt defeated (adds)
debate, reactions
11.06.2020 15:17 BE Maribor airport may become parking spot for idle aircraft (adds)
confirmation by DRI, detail in last four para
11.06.2020 15:14 HE Gatherings of up to 500 people and intl. transport to be allowed
10.06.2020 14:23 BE Change of values required for fast recovery, AmCham event hears
10.06.2020 14:00 BE For all appeals, no sign of domestic face mask production (feature)
10.06.2020 10:27 HE Slovenia records two new coronavirus cases
10.06.2020 09:45 PO Calls made for improving conditions at care homes
10.06.2020 01:00 BE Vouchers could make tourism more friendly to Slovenian tourists, paper says
09.06.2020 20:12 BE Šircelj says EUR 5bn in EU funds for Slovenia "adequate estimate"
09.06.2020 17:58 BE High fines for tourist voucher cheaters
09.06.2020 17:41 AC Culture workers lie down in front of ministry in protest
09.06.2020 14:22 PO Head of consular service to be decorated for repatriation efforts
09.06.2020 13:17 HE Slovenia investing in remote learning
09.06.2020 12:44 HE Doctors reject criticism of improper treatment of elderly
09.06.2020 12:21 HE One new coronavirus infection on Monday, no Covid-19 fatality
09.06.2020 07:32 BE Delo says policy key to return to growth
09.06.2020 01:00 BE Paper urges govt aid for exporters
09.06.2020 01:00 BE Finance wonders whether vouchers could change holiday habits
09.06.2020 01:00 BE Večer: Epidemic's bill extremely high regardless of GDP outlook
08.06.2020 19:32 BE Tourist vouchers can be used in several instalments
08.06.2020 16:23 PO Slovenia points to its share in fighting Covid-19 in developing countries
08.06.2020 13:42 PO Top court rejects prosecutors' appeal over temporary pay cut
08.06.2020 12:21 BE Central bank forecasts 6.5% GDP drop for 2020, 4.9% growth for 2021 (adds)
details throughout
08.06.2020 11:48 HE No new Covid-19 cases or deaths recorded on Sunday
08.06.2020 09:39 PO Slovenia fully opens borders to nationals of 14 more countries (adds)
additional info in para 5-6
07.06.2020 17:40 HE Healthy quarantined workers now only eligible for 50% of pay
07.06.2020 11:10 HE Slovenia records one new coronavirus case
06.06.2020 17:03 PO Slovenian, Italian FMs indicate shared border may open on 15 June (adds)
meeting with President Pahor in final 2 para
06.06.2020 14:42 HE Five new coronavirus infections confirmed on Friday, no deaths (adds)
05.06.2020 20:15 HE Jesenice primary class quarantined as pupil tests positive
05.06.2020 18:23 BE Almost hundred jobs still on the line at TAB
05.06.2020 17:58 BE Use of telecommunications services surged during epidemic
05.06.2020 17:10 PO Slovenia thinks epidemiological situation should be criteria for opening EU borders
05.06.2020 15:06 HE Ministry orders oversight at care homes during epidemic
05.06.2020 13:23 HE Over 500 opt for self-pay coronavirus testing, none proves infected
05.06.2020 13:12 HE Two new coronavirus cases confirmed on Thursday in 828 tests (adds)
info on the two cases in Jesenice throughout
05.06.2020 12:11 BE Fiscal Council's estimate of 3rd package much lower than govt's
05.06.2020 10:48 BE C-bank head confident ECB measures are helping economy recover
04.06.2020 19:47 BE Slovenia seeks balance between transport safety, business sense
04.06.2020 18:11 BE Final details of guarantee scheme ironed out
04.06.2020 16:41 BE Fraport Slovenija to slash workforce due to Covid-19
04.06.2020 16:33 HE More optimism among Slovenians as epidemic ends, concerns remain
04.06.2020 14:46 PO Austrian citizens may enter Slovenia without restrictions from Friday (adds)
details throughout
04.06.2020 11:16 HE No new coronavirus infections recorded
04.06.2020 08:50 BE Delo warns govt not to act against economic forecaster
04.06.2020 01:00 BE Primorske Novice urges Slovenians to discover hidden tourist gems
03.06.2020 20:14 PO Opposition urge public health chief to resign over lack of mask guidance (adds)
Krek's response in para 1,4-6
03.06.2020 18:48 HE Alleged elderly hospitalisation lists raise dust
03.06.2020 17:26 BE Slovenia betting on responsible, safe and green tourism
03.06.2020 17:06 PO From tomorrow, Slovenians free to cross into all neighbouring countries (adds)
Foreign Ministry's reaction in para 5, 7-8, 12
03.06.2020 16:01 BE Počivalšek and Gorjup urge liquidity scheme implementation
03.06.2020 15:52 BE Registered jobless total up by 2% in May to 90,415 (adds)
response from ministry, info on support scheme in last five para
03.06.2020 10:54 HE Two new coronavirus cases confirmed on Tuesday, no new deaths
03.06.2020 09:25 AC Committee asks govt to pay attention to events industry, culture workers
03.06.2020 07:01 BE Finance says car makers will need to change or face demise
03.06.2020 01:00 PO Dnevnik wonders about govt's communication missteps on masks
03.06.2020 01:00 BE Delo points to paradox of crisis in aviation
02.06.2020 20:52 PO Tourism vouchers to be available when school holidays start
02.06.2020 20:21 HE First case of coronavirus confirmed among pupils after reopening of schools (adds)
details in para 6
02.06.2020 19:25 BE Public transport providers urge relaxing Covid-19 rules
02.06.2020 16:26 ST Footballers to get tested before national league resumes
02.06.2020 15:52 BE Watchdog urges companies to introduce on-line AGM option
02.06.2020 15:48 HE Slovenian, Italian epidemiologists OK with border opening
02.06.2020 14:29 BE Small business struggling with drop in orders, layoffs expected
02.06.2020 11:14 HE Two new coronavirus infections on Monday, no deaths reported
02.06.2020 10:45 HE Slovenia spent EUR 54m on protective equipment during epidemic
02.06.2020 08:40 BE Delo says end of epidemic not end of problems
02.06.2020 01:00 PO Finance offers solutions to prevent holiday voucher cheating
01.06.2020 21:38 PO Committee rejects all resolutions about violation of democratic standards
01.06.2020 20:39 PO Parliamentary majority endorses epidemic-end decision
01.06.2020 17:39 PO Venezuelan Slovenians get their repatriate status extended
01.06.2020 16:40 HE End-of-epidemic ceremony hears warnings of potential second wave
01.06.2020 16:36 BE Most hotels and spas to welcome guests end of week or later
01.06.2020 15:13 HE Minister working to set up additional health facilities
01.06.2020 12:46 BE Subsidies for social and pension contributions exceed EUR 380m in March, April
01.06.2020 12:10 BE Automotive industry welcomes extension of furlough scheme
01.06.2020 11:35 HE No new coronavirus infections on Sunday, one Covid-19 fatality
01.06.2020 07:38 HE Dnevnik critical of doctors' conduct during epidemic
01.06.2020 07:00 PO Flypast by fighter jets as thank you to emergency workers
01.06.2020 00:30 HE Large tourism facilities reopening, children back in school
30.05.2020 15:35 HE Ministry easing quarantine rules for third countries
30.05.2020 11:48 HE No new coronavirus infections, deaths in Slovenia on Friday
30.05.2020 11:20 PO Paper says Slovenia should invest in railways, energy, health
30.05.2020 10:51 BE Delo sees challenges ahead, calls for action
30.05.2020 09:00 HE Epidemic formally ends on Sunday, many restrictions remain (feature)
30.05.2020 09:00 HE Public health chief says epidemic not actually over (interview)
29.05.2020 22:00 BE Third stimulus package passed
29.05.2020 20:35 BE MPs back guarantees for SURE scheme
29.05.2020 15:47 BE Slovenians free to enter Greece without restrictions after 15 June
29.05.2020 15:42 PO Slovenian, Croatian MEPs appeal to von der Leyen for fair border reopening
29.05.2020 14:42 BE Passenger air travel resumes at Ljubljana airport (adds)
additional info throughout
29.05.2020 13:33 BE Aluminium producer Talum records profit in 2019, 2020 to be turbulent
29.05.2020 12:40 AC Artist collective Beton Ltd.: "Corona itself has been creating a show" (interview)
29.05.2020 11:58 PO Minority's calls for Austria border reopening growing louder
29.05.2020 10:48 BE Pandemic slashes Unior profit
29.05.2020 00:30 BE Parliament debates third coronavirus package
28.05.2020 19:18 HE Survey shows people less worried about Covid-19, more about jobs
28.05.2020 19:02 HE Masks no longer mandatory, still recommended
28.05.2020 17:39 HE Slovenia to request PPE and medical equipment from EU Civil Protection Mechanism
28.05.2020 16:13 BE Slovenian company develops novel disinfecting device
28.05.2020 15:53 PO Debate hears EU recovery plan a turning point, fast deal needed
28.05.2020 14:42 HE Two new coronavirus infections on Wednesday, no new deaths (adds)
info on infected member of staff at clinic for infectious diseases in para 4-6
28.05.2020 13:43 BE GZS expects at least 3% drop in Slovenia's GDP in Q1
28.05.2020 13:24 PO Finance Committee backs SURE guarantees bill
28.05.2020 11:25 HE Maribor declares itself coronavirus-free zone
28.05.2020 10:04 BE SID bank secures EUR 350 million in loans, insurance deals
28.05.2020 09:53 BE Committee nods to third stimulus package after two night sessions
28.05.2020 09:44 PO Delo urges using EU recovery fund as stepping stone to new Europe
28.05.2020 09:05 PO Dnevnik wonders whether Slovenia will be successful in drawing EU funds
28.05.2020 01:00 PO Demokracija blames UEFA boss for Bergamo tragedy
28.05.2020 00:30 PO Slovenian, Hungarian FMs meet to discuss border opening
27.05.2020 19:51 BE Slovenia eligible for EUR 5.1 billion under EU recovery plan (adds)
detail, responses from PM's office MEPs in para 3, 5, 9-16
27.05.2020 14:07 HE Officials say elderly received appropriate care during epidemic
27.05.2020 13:23 PO Polls shows Slovenians generally happy with govt's tackling of epidemic
27.05.2020 12:34 BE Akrapovič planning workforce cuts due to Covid-19 crisis
27.05.2020 12:29 AS Slovenian Caritas helping battle Covid-19 in Serbia, Lebanon, Rwanda
27.05.2020 12:27 PO Responding to ouster motion, minister wonders whether opposition has nothing more to contribute
27.05.2020 12:22 PO Minority points to inequality in reopening of Austrian border
27.05.2020 11:31 BE April retail sales lowest since 2006
27.05.2020 11:04 HE Two new coronavirus infections on Tuesday, no Covid-19 fatality
27.05.2020 10:31 BE Issues surrounding govt loan guarantees yet to be clarified
27.05.2020 08:36 PO Delo says politicians must save culture sector
27.05.2020 01:00 PO Večer says schools need to reopen for all children
27.05.2020 01:00 BE Paper welcomes tourism vouchers, points to shortcomings
26.05.2020 19:56 PO Slovenia closely watching development of EU recovery fund, ambassador says
26.05.2020 18:22 AC Culture workers rally in protest against ministry's inaction
26.05.2020 18:13 HE Decision whether to fully reopen schools expected on Thursday
26.05.2020 17:21 BE SMEs appeal for a fourth stimulus package
26.05.2020 14:27 BE Additional easing of restrictions expected next week
26.05.2020 13:54 PO Slovenian, Italian foreign ministers to meet this week
26.05.2020 11:38 HE No new coronavirus infections on Monday, one Covid-19 death
26.05.2020 11:13 BE Diversification to make it easier for Kolektor to survive crisis
26.05.2020 08:48 PO CORRECTION: EU nationals now free to enter Slovenia for tourism purposes
Corrects day in first paragraph
26.05.2020 07:00 AC Art Cinema Network in Slovenia reopening after epidemic
25.05.2020 22:06 PO Proposal for shops to remain closed on Sunday not enjoying govt support
25.05.2020 20:53 PO Ministers deny charges over Covid-19 care home deaths (adds)
more info from health minister in para 11-13
25.05.2020 20:09 BE GoOpti getting financial injection, staff crying foul
25.05.2020 16:50 ST Olympic Committee urges extension of support measures for sports workers
25.05.2020 15:43 BE Rise in unemployment brought to halt last week
25.05.2020 15:01 PO PM says not all losses can be covered, no major cuts in resident's income planned
25.05.2020 13:50 PO Active efforts continue for open borders with neighbours, official says
25.05.2020 11:26 PO Hojs expects action against organisers of anti-government protests
25.05.2020 11:12 HE One new coronavirus infection confirmed on Sunday
25.05.2020 09:52 BE Delo says Goriška's future depends on govt actions
25.05.2020 09:21 PO Paper urges caution about government handouts
25.05.2020 01:00 BE Finance critical of tourism vouchers
25.05.2020 01:00 PO Večer stresses role of protests and future goals
25.05.2020 00:30 PO MPs discussing stimulus package, NGO restrictions this week
25.05.2020 00:30 HE Ninth-graders return to school, care homes start admitting residents
24.05.2020 10:50 HE No new coronavirus infections on Saturday, one Covid-19 fatality
23.05.2020 11:53 ST Čeferin hopes fans to return to stadiums in autumn, not interested in politics
23.05.2020 10:19 BE Delo says hauliers' threats with roadblocks inappropriate
23.05.2020 10:00 HE Efforts to keep public life going during second Covid-19 wave key, says expert (interview)
23.05.2020 10:00 HE Coronavirus epidemic in numbers (feature)
23.05.2020 10:00 BE Over EUR 6bn pledged for anti-coronavirus measures (feature)
23.05.2020 10:00 BE EUR 35 million in subsidies for temporary layoffs disbursed so far
22.05.2020 19:15 PO FM official: Austria rather inflexible about reopening border (adds)
additional statements in para 9-11
22.05.2020 16:41 HE Official says gatherings of up to 500 people might be reality in mid-June
22.05.2020 15:22 PO Culture workers feel left out from latest stimulus package
22.05.2020 14:37 PO Pahor and Nauseda agree that French-German recovery plan is good development
22.05.2020 13:38 PO Poll shows Slovenians against contact-tracing apps
22.05.2020 13:00 PO PM speaks to BBC about Slovenia's efforts to be safe holiday destination
22.05.2020 11:42 BE Commerce Chamber expects third package to include rent subsidies
22.05.2020 11:33 HE No new coronavirus infections, Covid-19 deaths on Thursday
22.05.2020 10:34 BE Banks to consider corona crisis in loan procedures
22.05.2020 08:17 PO Delo says Slovenia should open borders with Austria
22.05.2020 00:30 PO Slovenian and Croatian FMs meeting to discuss border reopening
21.05.2020 19:16 HE Care homes to start readmitting residents
21.05.2020 18:56 PO Public administration and court services to resume on 1 June
21.05.2020 17:26 HE Fines in excess of EUR 150,000 issued since start of epidemic
21.05.2020 17:17 BE New stimulus package subject to substantial criticism
21.05.2020 16:59 HE Share of people concerned about epidemic up after two-month decline
21.05.2020 16:52 BE Third stimulus package, explained (feature)
21.05.2020 16:43 PO FM Logar discusses concerted response to coronavirus with Canadian counterpart
21.05.2020 15:04 PO Talks on border crossing deals with neighbouring countries under way
21.05.2020 14:21 PO US donates protective equipment to Slovenian care homes
21.05.2020 13:56 BE Minister to propose lay-off subsidy extension for car industry
21.05.2020 13:48 PO Logar meets ambassadors to discuss pandemic
21.05.2020 13:03 BE Emergency bill to help kick-start investment after epidemic (adds)
statements by environment minister throughout
21.05.2020 12:58 HE Health insurance fund to incur EUR 129m loss due to Covid-19
21.05.2020 11:42 HE Mental health experts worried about children staying at home
21.05.2020 08:43 BE Delo criticises holiday vouchers as populism
21.05.2020 08:40 BE Dnevnik says tourist vouchers are political candy
21.05.2020 01:00 PO Večer looks at reasons Austria is not opening up to Slovenia
20.05.2020 21:54 HE Donations worth more than EUR 583,000 raised via govt account
20.05.2020 21:15 PO Government adopts new, EUR 1 billion economic stimulus package
20.05.2020 20:48 HE Chemistry Institute starts coronavirus vaccine trial in mice
20.05.2020 20:36 BE Slovenia for equal protection of travellers, agencies in voucher debate
20.05.2020 19:40 BE MPs call for more transparency in redistribution of budget funds
20.05.2020 18:53 PO Slovenian, Croatian police discuss anti-Covid-19 measures
20.05.2020 18:41 PO PM says Slovenia's reputation of safe country could boost tourism, investment
20.05.2020 17:56 BE State to spend EUR 345m on tourism vouchers for all citizens (adds)
more info, tourism statistics
20.05.2020 17:50 PO Foreign minister in phone call with Russian counterpart
20.05.2020 17:34 BE Govt eyeing EUR 900m in SURE funds for short-time work subsidies (adds)
explanations by labour minister in para 3-9
20.05.2020 16:53 BE State to spend EUR 345m on tourism vouchers for all citizens
20.05.2020 16:11 BE Just one new coronavirus infection reported, no deaths (adds)
upfdates on active cases, self-pay testing
20.05.2020 13:35 PO Border reopening to depend on Covid-19 situation, says foreign minister
20.05.2020 12:57 PO To catch up, courts will recess for only two weeks in summer
20.05.2020 08:19 PO Delo welcomes Franco-German rescue fund proposal
20.05.2020 01:00 PO Večer comments on govt corona crisis measures
20.05.2020 01:00 BE Delo expects crisis to hit hard in autumn
19.05.2020 23:04 PO CORRECTION: Govt adopts new corona crisis stimulus package
changes adopts to discusses
19.05.2020 23:04 BE Govt adopts bill on state guarantees for SURE loans
19.05.2020 21:02 BE Over 400 jobs slashed as Revoz scraps night-shift
19.05.2020 20:41 PO Parliamentary committee votes down proposal to bail out media
19.05.2020 20:33 PO Janša welcomes EUR 500bn relief fund to revive economy (adds)
info on Janša-Kurz talk
19.05.2020 18:29 HE President's panel says anti-epidemic measures must not deepen climate crisis
19.05.2020 17:19 PO Italian-Slovenian Forum appeals for normalisation at border
19.05.2020 17:01 BE Financial Administration collects 25% less in April due to epidemic
19.05.2020 15:54 HE Self-pay coronavirus testing available from Thursday at UKC Ljubljana
19.05.2020 13:50 BE Steklarna Hrastnik slashing workforce due to coronavirus fallout
19.05.2020 13:08 PO Croatians free to enter Slovenia without restrictions (adds)
statements in final 7 para
19.05.2020 11:34 HE One more coronavirus infection, no new Covid-19 fatalities
19.05.2020 08:34 HE Delo expects key decisions at World Health Assembly session
19.05.2020 08:21 PO After sharp downturn, PM Janša expects rapid recovery
19.05.2020 06:00 BE Banka Slovenije says banks should be fine if GDP falls moderately
19.05.2020 01:00 BE Finance says car industry should do more than just ask for aid
19.05.2020 01:00 PO Regional paper decries confusion over border reopening
19.05.2020 00:30 AC Third stimulus package expectedly on govt's agenda
18.05.2020 21:25 AS Universities continue most work remotely
18.05.2020 21:15 PO Public broadcaster praised for doing good job during epidemic
18.05.2020 19:09 PO FM says Slovenia ready to greet tourists in coming weeks
18.05.2020 19:04 PO Hungarian FM: Gradual easing of border restrictions by 1 June (adds)
Slovenian minister's comment in lede, para 5-6
18.05.2020 18:57 BE Demand slowly rising as tourism gets back to business (adds)
recasts, adds reaction by spa operators in first 10 para
18.05.2020 18:32 HE Trade unions, employers largely OK working hours subsidies (adds)
recasts, adds other measures in last 11 para
18.05.2020 17:24 HE Preschoolers, young students happy to see friends after lockdown (adds)
comments, results of survey in last five para
18.05.2020 16:36 HE Slovenia advocates modernisation of education after Covid-19
18.05.2020 16:22 AC Theatres struggling but hoping to come out on top of epidemic (feature)
18.05.2020 15:39 BE Slovenians flocking to shopping centres
18.05.2020 15:08 BE Automotive industry says govt measures are crucial for its survival
18.05.2020 14:29 BE LMŠ say govt neglected demand-side, proposes EUR 1.8bn consumption boost
18.05.2020 13:14 PO After opening borders, Slovenia opts for gradual approach (adds)
statements throughout
18.05.2020 11:51 HE Preschoolers, young students happy to see friends after lockdown (feature)
18.05.2020 11:10 HE No new coronavirus infections, deaths in Slovenia on Sunday
18.05.2020 11:08 AS Matura students back in school to prepare for crucial exams
18.05.2020 09:27 ST Dnevnik critical about football matches being played again
18.05.2020 08:34 PO Delo questions rationale behind opening of borders
18.05.2020 07:00 AC Museums to mark their day in virtual realm (feature)
18.05.2020 06:51 PO Paper critical of govt ending epidemic, opening border
18.05.2020 00:30 HE Bulk of coronavirus restrictions lifted today, schools reopen
17.05.2020 14:11 BE Third stimulus package focusing on part-time work support and tourism
17.05.2020 11:47 PO Majority feel govt moved too hastily in declaring the epidemic over
17.05.2020 11:28 HE One new Covid-19 case and one death reported for Saturday
16.05.2020 16:22 PO Home ministers for easier crossing of Slovenia-Croatia border (adds)
more info in para 8-11 and last 2 para
16.05.2020 15:41 PO Janša says border opening must be bilaterally agreed
16.05.2020 11:28 BE Slovenia's meetings industry expects to pick up in autumn (feature)
16.05.2020 11:18 HE No new coronavirus infections, deaths in Slovenia on Friday
16.05.2020 10:52 HE No new coronavirus infections, deaths in Slovenia on Friday (flash)
16.05.2020 09:39 BE VAT revenue down 20% in March due to lockdown
16.05.2020 01:00 PO Večer surprised at how fast epidemic was declared over
16.05.2020 01:00 PO Delo says govt should listen to experts
16.05.2020 01:00 BE Delo hopes banks will be part of Covid-19 solution
15.05.2020 21:06 PO Thousands ride bikes in anti-govt protests again
15.05.2020 19:33 PO Opposition says govt decision on epidemic purely financial, confusing people (adds)
statements by Beović and SD president in final 7 para
15.05.2020 18:17 PO Panel urges more solidarity in EU to deal with crisis
15.05.2020 18:08 BE Restaurants, hotels urged to make quite a few changes to ensure safety (adds)
response by tourism officials in last 4 para
15.05.2020 17:40 PO Slovenian, Croatian presidents praise cooperation in fighting Covid-19 (adds)
more statements by presidents throughout
15.05.2020 17:30 HE Public gatherings of up to 50 persons allowed as of Monday
15.05.2020 15:54 PO Employers warn aid measure needed after epidemic too, unions concerned
15.05.2020 15:42 HE Epidemic effectively over on 31 May, restrictions remain in place
15.05.2020 15:06 PO Fiscal Council says anti-epidemic measures to mitigate economic drop
15.05.2020 12:45 HE Expert: Predicting second Covid-19 wave pure guesswork (interview)
15.05.2020 12:02 PO Pahor discusses coronavirus measures with Greek counterpart
15.05.2020 11:14 HE Number of Covid-19 patients in hospitals drops below 30, one new infection
15.05.2020 09:50 HE Slovenia to get Japanese drug for trials on Covid-19 patients
15.05.2020 08:48 PO New regime in place on Slovenian borders (adds)
info on when epidemic ends in final 6 paras, corrects EU to Croatia in para 6
14.05.2020 23:49 PO Coronavirus epidemic declared over, borders open to EU nationals
14.05.2020 20:23 PO Slovenia sending PPE and disinfectants to Italy
14.05.2020 20:23 PO Janša denies wrongdoing in PPE purchases (adds)
vote on report in final para
14.05.2020 19:18 PO Slovenians ever less worried about epidemic, survey shows
14.05.2020 16:20 BE Businesses want special state aid for Goriška region
14.05.2020 15:42 BE Slovenians invited to rediscover their country
14.05.2020 14:00 BE Govt not considering raising taxes amid crisis
14.05.2020 13:40 HE PM Janša indicates formal end of epidemic near
14.05.2020 11:23 HE Just one new coronavirus infection in almost 1,000 tests
14.05.2020 08:57 PO Delo calls for joint EU effort to help tourism
14.05.2020 08:35 BE Dnevnik says EU-coordinated action needed to save summer season
14.05.2020 01:00 BE Paper says PM should improve business environment, modernise Slovenia
14.05.2020 01:00 BE Večer cautions against bailing out zombie firms
14.05.2020 00:30 PO MPs to discuss govt's Covid-19 equipment procurement
13.05.2020 23:02 ST Most sport activities, including team sports, to resume on 23 May
13.05.2020 22:43 PO Major easing of coronavirus restrictions planned for Monday (adds)
details throughout
13.05.2020 19:32 HE Govt confirms re-opening of kindergartens, schools on Monday
13.05.2020 15:53 BE Coronavirus crisis starting to affect banking sector
13.05.2020 15:26 HE Almost 12,000 dental emergencies treated during lockdown
13.05.2020 15:02 BE Bled looking for ways to attract more domestic guests
13.05.2020 14:43 HE Austria opening four more checkpoints on border with Slovenia
13.05.2020 14:26 BE Hauliers demand aid, threaten road blocks
13.05.2020 13:19 PO Slovenian NGO joins campaign for new sustainable social system
13.05.2020 12:56 ST Return of sports competitions to start with golf and tennis
13.05.2020 12:26 HE Food delivery apps and bread baking in spotlight amid lockdown
13.05.2020 11:10 PO Carinthian Slovenians call for reopening border with Slovenia
13.05.2020 08:00 AC We're working as if Ljubljana Festival is going to be held, its boss says (interview)
13.05.2020 07:00 BE EBRD projects 5.5% contraction for Slovenia this year
13.05.2020 01:00 BE Govt should improve communication with businesses, paper says
12.05.2020 18:53 BE Chamber with several proposals for third coronavirus package
12.05.2020 17:49 PO Complaint against Pahor, ministers over anti-epidemic rules rejected
12.05.2020 13:52 HE If positive trends continue, return to normal life to accelerate
12.05.2020 12:13 BE Limited air service to Ljubljana expected in June
12.05.2020 11:15 HE Only one person tests positive on Monday, no new deaths
12.05.2020 09:31 HE Delo sees virus showing the way to greener society
12.05.2020 01:00 BE Finance urges improved mitigation measures for hospitality sector
12.05.2020 01:00 HE Primorske Novice says reopening schools will be difficult
12.05.2020 01:00 BE Dnevnik says Slovenian government modest about supplementary budget
12.05.2020 00:30 PO Passenger air transport allowed to resume
11.05.2020 20:32 PO Government lifts ban on passenger air transport (adds)
reaction by Ljubljana airport in para 7-19
11.05.2020 20:31 BE Campsites staying closed for now
11.05.2020 19:51 HE Trade unions warn of arbitrary granting of bonuses (adds)
response from Public Administration Ministry throughout
11.05.2020 18:19 BE Employers happy with government support so far
11.05.2020 16:24 PO Coalition preparing new corona measures, endorses Počivalšek
11.05.2020 15:43 ST Top football league may be resumed at beginning of June
11.05.2020 14:03 HE Schools and kindergartens faced with many issues week before opening (feature)
11.05.2020 11:23 BE Deferral requested for 3% of all loans
11.05.2020 11:14 HE Three new Covid-19 cases confirmed for total of 1,460, no new deaths
11.05.2020 10:51 BE Public transport restarting (adds)
updates and details throughout
11.05.2020 08:44 PO Paper makes case for unbiased journalism, resistance against political pressure
11.05.2020 01:00 BE Finance says businesses are waking to new reality
11.05.2020 00:30 PO MPs to discuss deficit-causing changes to 2020 budget
10.05.2020 17:34 HE Slovenians with property in Croatia may cross border without quarantine (adds)
unchanged Slovenian rules in lede, final 3 paras
10.05.2020 12:29 HE Three new Covid-19 cases confirmed on Saturday, one death
09.05.2020 18:18 PO Majority in Delo poll believe economy minister should resign
09.05.2020 11:14 HE Slovenia's Covid-19 death toll surpasses 100
09.05.2020 09:07 BE Labour market depends on economy re-launch, says employment official (interview)
09.05.2020 08:00 HE Sunbathing on the beach remains off-limits despite summery weather
08.05.2020 22:08 PO Opposition MPs accuse govt of biased report on PPE procurement
08.05.2020 22:03 HE Instructions issued for reopening of schools and kindergartens
08.05.2020 20:11 HE All medical, dental services resuming, yet under some restrictions
08.05.2020 18:37 PO People turn to ombudsman in epidemic uncertainty
08.05.2020 17:55 HE EU Commission to send 30,000 medical masks to Slovenia
08.05.2020 17:51 PO SAB's move to prevent crisis bonuses for state officials fails
08.05.2020 17:47 HE Online debate critical of EU response to Covid-19 pandemic
08.05.2020 16:37 PO Šarec denies accusations over PPE, lashes back (adds)
another dispute between Šarec and Janša in last 6 para
08.05.2020 16:23 PO FM discusses EU presidency, coronavirus with Spanish counterpart
08.05.2020 15:38 BE Post offices gradually restoring normal operations
08.05.2020 15:04 BE Roughly half of seats on trains will be off limit
08.05.2020 12:45 BE Basic income extended to 37,500 self-employed
08.05.2020 09:46 PO Šarec denies accusations over PPE, lashes back
07.05.2020 19:59 BE Bar tables no longer limited to members of same household
07.05.2020 18:17 HE Data usage jumps during epidemic, calls popular again
07.05.2020 17:50 ST Sports making comeback, great deal of improvisation still involved
07.05.2020 17:08 HE Poll: People in favour of restrictions easing, still cautious
07.05.2020 15:25 BE Campaign launched to curb labour rights abuse
07.05.2020 15:17 BE Details of tourism aid package emerging
07.05.2020 14:36 BE Western region warns about Covid-19 impact, minority affected too
07.05.2020 13:47 PO Parliament meeting over govt PPE report Monday
07.05.2020 11:52 HE Drug users seem tidier during epidemic, anxiety on the rise
07.05.2020 10:50 AC Culture workers, opposition MPs warning against budget cuts in culture
07.05.2020 09:03 BE Delo argues for Kurzarbeit scheme
07.05.2020 08:34 HE Dnevnik is fed up by uncertainty around coronavirus
07.05.2020 01:00 BE Slovenia could benefit from Germany's state aid for car industry, paper says
06.05.2020 21:08 BE Almost 11,000 jobs lost in Slovenia in April (adds)
commnets by Labour Minister Cigler in final 2 para
06.05.2020 19:37 PO LMŠ labels report on equipment procurement govt pamphlet
06.05.2020 18:59 PO NGOs challenge first anti-coronavirus mega law at top court
06.05.2020 18:49 PO Govt report on PPE points finger at ex-PM, says ventilators had expert backing
06.05.2020 18:48 BE Brussels projects 7% GDP drop for Slovenia this year, 6.7% recovery in 2021 (adds)
response from Finance Ministry in final 4 para
06.05.2020 17:59 BE Public transport to be relaunched on Monday
06.05.2020 17:31 ST Athletes allowed to train, competitions in individual sports to resume (adds)
response by Slovenian Olympic Committee in last 5 para
06.05.2020 17:12 BE Spa resorts gradually reopening, most for rehab services (feature)
06.05.2020 15:24 PO Economic zone mooted as Italian ambassador visits border region
06.05.2020 13:15 HE Antibody study shows one in thirty Slovenians exposed to coronavirus (adds)
statements throughout
06.05.2020 10:55 PO Slovenia highlighted as coronavirus success story
06.05.2020 01:00 PO Finance urges freedom amid lockdown
06.05.2020 01:00 BE Večer says tsunami of illiquidity yet to come
06.05.2020 01:00 HE Dnevnik says citizens confused by coronavirus recommendations
06.05.2020 00:30 BE Results of random Covid-19 testing to be unveiled
05.05.2020 21:51 PO Finance oversight commission suspends session after six hours
05.05.2020 19:50 PO Slovenia will not compromise right to privacy for Covid-19 app, minister says
05.05.2020 19:16 BE Crisis could be opportunity for more employee ownership, webinar hears
05.05.2020 18:53 BE Coalition files for a parliamentary inquiry into medical supplies procurement (adds)
opposition's motion in final 8 paras
05.05.2020 18:11 PO Labour minister looks for silver linings amid Covid-19 crisis
05.05.2020 18:01 BE DARS reports lower vignette sales, lorry tolling revenue
05.05.2020 16:53 ST Football Association urges lifting of restrictions for team sports too
05.05.2020 16:02 PO Poll: Slovenians favour middle way in Covid-19 fight
05.05.2020 15:49 BE Fraport seeks govt aid for completing Ljubljana passenger terminal in time
05.05.2020 14:53 HE Number of confirmed coronavirus cases rises again (adds)
statements by head of National Institute of Public Health in para 4-8
05.05.2020 14:39 PO Top expert says there is no rift in ventilator opinions
05.05.2020 13:25 BE Retailers worried about dwindling sales
05.05.2020 12:12 AC Record numbers using e-book library amid lockdown
05.05.2020 10:57 PO Courts start processing non-urgent cases
05.05.2020 10:54 BE Event organisers urge aid and time frame for gathering ban
05.05.2020 08:37 PO Delo says motion to oust economy minister filed too quickly
05.05.2020 07:58 PO Dnevnik thinks vote of no confidence warranted
05.05.2020 01:00 PO Primorske Novice comments on closure of border with Italy
05.05.2020 01:00 PO Večer looks at stakes in PPE controversy
04.05.2020 18:32 PO Govt to upgrade epidemic protection plan and cyber security standards
04.05.2020 18:23 HE Slovenia pledges close to EUR 14m for coronavirus vaccine
04.05.2020 17:25 BE Salonit Anhovo and Alpina resuming production
04.05.2020 16:58 HE Bars, restaurants, clothing stores and hair salons reopen
04.05.2020 14:01 PO New revelations in ventilator purchasing (adds)
statement by another UKC Ljubljana doctor in final 5 para
04.05.2020 13:09 BE Extension of aid for tourism mulled (adds)
additional statements in final 3 para
04.05.2020 13:07 AS Increase in domestic violence recorded amid Covid-19 epidemic
04.05.2020 13:02 AC Museums reopening, coordination of visitor movement key challenge
04.05.2020 11:25 HE Second day with no new confirmed coronavirus infections in Slovenia
04.05.2020 10:49 ST Athletes eager to start training again
04.05.2020 08:50 PO Reporter says too soon to tell which coronavirus approach was correct
04.05.2020 08:14 PO Delo expects long-term impact of Covid-19 on travel, education, shopping
04.05.2020 01:00 BE Primorske Novice sceptical about new new regime for businesses
04.05.2020 01:00 PO Večer says govt will need authority to lead people out of crisis
04.05.2020 01:00 BE Finance says corona crisis will affect real estate prices
04.05.2020 00:30 BE Results of comprehensive random testing for Covid-19 to be unveiled
04.05.2020 00:30 BE More services available to Slovenians as of today
04.05.2020 00:30 PO National Security Council meeting over epidemic, 5G
03.05.2020 15:49 HE Taskforce says Slovenia currently has enough ventilators
03.05.2020 14:52 BE Environmentalists say work from home should continue after epidemic
03.05.2020 13:32 AS Slovenians develop device for disinfecting money
03.05.2020 08:00 BE Weaker demand for bread and meat due to Covid-19 epidemic
02.05.2020 20:30 BE Ventilator supplier in spotlight proposes terminating contract (adds)
minister and agency responses in last 2 para
02.05.2020 16:24 HE Comprehensive random sampling for SARS-CoV-2 completed
02.05.2020 15:24 HE One Covid-19 death, only five new infections on Friday (adds)
additional info from para 4 on
02.05.2020 13:38 PO PM says he trusts economy minister regarding PPE procurement
01.05.2020 22:02 PO Several thousand turn out for bicycle protest against government (adds)
updates with police figures throughout
01.05.2020 19:00 HE Slovenia receives Chinese donation of PPE
01.05.2020 13:32 PO Lenarčič sees need for greater EU role in health, civil protection
01.05.2020 12:52 PO PM expects profound societal change as result of pandemic
01.05.2020 11:09 BE Coronavirus death toll hits 93, just five new infections
01.05.2020 10:28 PO National Security Council to convene on Monday
01.05.2020 09:52 PO Opening of border with Italy to proceed cautiously
01.05.2020 09:03 PO New questions raised about PPE procurement
01.05.2020 08:00 AS LGBT+ community losing safe spaces due to coronavirus (feature)
30.04.2020 20:59 PO Welcoming lockdown easing, opposition questions reasoning behind it
30.04.2020 20:51 PO EU Commission approves EUR 2 billion Slovenian guarantee scheme
30.04.2020 19:11 PO Path cleared for immediate promulgation of stimulus laws (adds)
opposition's statements in last four para
30.04.2020 18:59 PO Lenarčič: Commission does not have masks stashed away in basement
30.04.2020 18:53 BE Slovenia's debt to rise above 80% of GDP this year
30.04.2020 18:51 BE Emergency aid approved for agriculture
30.04.2020 17:41 PO Ahead of Labour Day, unions urge fair burden-sharing (adds)
labour minister's comments in para 13-17
30.04.2020 17:18 AS Slovenian churches reopen next Monday
30.04.2020 16:23 BE Calls for keeping stores closed Sundays permanently backed by PM (adds)
response of Chamber of Commerce in final two para
30.04.2020 16:10 BE Employers seek state aid for more than 321,000 workers
30.04.2020 15:01 PO Visits to elderly homes possible again (adds)
details from govt briefing in last 9 para
30.04.2020 14:05 PO Pahor meets Visegrad Group ambassadors
30.04.2020 13:52 PO Audit court president urges setting up centralised procurement system
30.04.2020 12:40 HE Wednesday's tests confirm 11 new Covid-19 cases, death toll up by two to 91 (adds)
detail on random testing campaign in final para
30.04.2020 11:40 PO Athletes returning to training, competition ban to be lifted for individual sports
30.04.2020 09:11 HE Dnevnik blasts govt for its care home strategy amid epidemic
30.04.2020 01:00 PO Večer wonders how the world will climb out of Covid-19 abyss
30.04.2020 01:00 PO Paper sees need for solidarity in post-corona world
30.04.2020 01:00 BE Delo in favour of opening of borders for tourists
30.04.2020 00:30 PO Ban on travel outside of home municipality lifted
29.04.2020 23:10 HE Schools and kindergartens to start gradually reopening on 18 May (adds)
details throughout
29.04.2020 20:29 PO Ban on travel outside of home municipality lifted as of Thursday
29.04.2020 19:11 HE Going to hairdresser's or beauty parlour gets complicated
29.04.2020 19:06 HE Mental health services should be boosted amid epidemic, says expert
29.04.2020 18:51 BE Poll shows increasing concern about job security
29.04.2020 18:00 PO President, ministers targeted for ignoring social distancing rules
29.04.2020 17:37 PO Slovenian and German foreign ministers urge joint solution to travel, discuss EU presidency (adds)
more statements from para 7
29.04.2020 16:19 HE Medical experts call for improvements to healthcare system
29.04.2020 15:17 PO Janša does not expect life to get back to normal any time soon
29.04.2020 15:08 AC Celebrating art of dance in challenging corona times
29.04.2020 14:57 AC Libraries, museums remain closed despite govt permission to reopen (adds)
more detail in para 4, response from Culture Ministry in final five para
29.04.2020 14:51 BE Solutions being sought to bring Slovenian tourists to Croatia (adds)
additional statements from Počivalšek throughout
29.04.2020 13:03 PO Home-grown food becoming more valued, says minister
29.04.2020 11:23 HE Ten new Covid-19 cases recorded, death toll up by three to 89
29.04.2020 01:00 BE Delo says Labour Day comes with bitter aftertaste
29.04.2020 00:30 PO Govt to discuss easing restrictions, report on PPE
29.04.2020 00:30 HE More lockdown restrictions lifted today
28.04.2020 22:46 PO PM says govt to discuss plan for easing lockdown tomorrow (adds)
info on municipal movement restrictions in last 3 para
28.04.2020 21:40 PO Parliament passes EUR 2bn loan guarantee scheme (adds)
response by GZS in final 4 para
28.04.2020 21:08 HE Govt further relaxing lockdown measures for businesses
28.04.2020 19:25 PO Parliament passes EUR 2bn loan guarantee scheme (adds)
details throughout, other legislation passed
28.04.2020 17:51 PO LMŠ wants National Security Council session to be called
28.04.2020 17:18 HE Minister sees issues with coronavirus contact tracing apps
28.04.2020 16:43 HE Only fraction of primary school children not learning remotely
28.04.2020 16:12 PO Hojs feels restrictions on border with Croatia could be loosened soon
28.04.2020 15:11 PO Janša says loan guarantees sufficient for now, long-term prospects too uncertain (adds)
positions of parties in para 5-11
28.04.2020 14:42 BE Slovenia's deficit to exceed 8% in 2020
28.04.2020 12:59 AC Minister indicates galleries, museum, libraries could open soon
28.04.2020 12:33 BE Union calls for permanent closure of shops on Sundays
28.04.2020 12:32 HE Six new Covid-19 cases recorded, death toll up by three to 86 (adds)
local information in last three para
28.04.2020 09:50 BE Revoz relaunches production
28.04.2020 09:14 BE Primorske Novice concerned about gaming industry
28.04.2020 08:53 PO Paper thinks snap election may be near
28.04.2020 08:33 BE Delo sees coronacrisis as opportunity for sustainable tourism
28.04.2020 01:00 PO Finance says government should have ensured liquidity first
28.04.2020 00:30 PO Second coronavirus stimulus package in parliament
27.04.2020 21:14 PO Small anti-government protests held in several cities (adds)
response by police, minister throughout
27.04.2020 12:34 PO Pahor regrets reported political interference in PPE procurement
27.04.2020 11:37 HE Six new Covid-19 cases recorded, death toll up by one to 83
26.04.2020 17:50 HE Covid-19 positive soldiers return from Kosovo
26.04.2020 16:40 HE Maribor uni to give more focus to remote learning
26.04.2020 15:19 HE First case of Covid-19 infection discovered as part of random population testing (adds)
details throughout
26.04.2020 13:11 HE Eight new coronavirus cases recorded, death toll up by one to 82 (adds)
details in para 3-4
26.04.2020 12:11 HE Eight new coronavirus cases recorded, death toll up by one to 82
25.04.2020 15:41 PO Janša says restrictions here to stay, no inter-municipal movement during holidays
25.04.2020 11:35 HE Slovenia records 15 new Covid-19 cases, death toll up by one to 81
25.04.2020 11:12 HE Covid-19 confirmed for three Slovenian soldiers serving in Kosovo
25.04.2020 10:43 PO Foreign Ministry crisis repatriation taskforce ends operations
25.04.2020 01:00 PO Paper says face masks will be first-rate election topic
25.04.2020 01:00 PO Delo doubts anything will change in politics after PPE procurement report
25.04.2020 01:00 PO Purchase of personal protective gear a disgrace, Večer says
25.04.2020 00:30 BE Insurance agents and car washes back in business
24.04.2020 20:30 PO Report shows extensive political interference in PPE procurement (roundup)
24.04.2020 17:57 BE Slovenia needs to set priorities for post-corona times, economist says
24.04.2020 17:42 ST Slovenia qualify for World Men's Handball Championship
24.04.2020 17:18 PO Economy minister says mask purchasing story turned into orchestrated hit job (adds)
reactions from govt ministers, NBI in final 11 para
24.04.2020 16:05 PO Pahor and Steinmeier call for EU-wide solidarity
24.04.2020 16:01 PO LMŠ says no-confidence vote in entire govt is in the cards
24.04.2020 15:32 PO Info commissioner worried about right to privacy in letter to govt, MPs
24.04.2020 13:46 AS Getting married made possible again from Tuesday
24.04.2020 13:39 BE Gradual opening of borders for tourists might start in May
24.04.2020 13:23 PO More than 32,000 self-employed get monthly allowance
24.04.2020 12:21 BE Business sentiment plummets to record low in April
24.04.2020 12:08 BE Tourism, retail severely affected by coronavirus
24.04.2020 11:47 HE Seven new coronavirus cases recorded, death toll up by one to 80
24.04.2020 10:57 BE Chamber urges relaxation of measures for urgent business travel
24.04.2020 09:44 PO Pahor says no constitutional right should be suspended during crisis
24.04.2020 09:15 HE Delo urges investment in healthcare
23.04.2020 22:40 PO PM warns of grave political consequences of insufficient solidarity
23.04.2020 21:18 BE Slovenian, Croatian ministers to discuss tourism next week
23.04.2020 20:54 BE Slovenia again extends passenger flight ban
23.04.2020 20:51 HE Ljutomer home Covid-19 patients staying put
23.04.2020 20:39 ST Olympic committee urges govt to continue helping athletes amid epidemic
23.04.2020 19:44 BE Drop in orders pushes Hisense into massive layoffs, unions up in arms (adds)
recasts para 2-9 with statement by Gorenje CEO
23.04.2020 19:28 BE Most players welcome draft corona legislation, but still see problems (feature)
23.04.2020 19:13 HE New commodity reserves boss to focus on effective, transparent measures
23.04.2020 18:23 PO Pahor extends solidarity message over Covid-19 to Hungary
23.04.2020 17:03 PO LMŠ announces motion of no-confidence in economy minister (adds)
response from opposition parties in final 6 paras
23.04.2020 16:42 PO Ambassadors thanking key workers in Slovenia amid epidemic
23.04.2020 15:12 PO Municipal associations happy with funding raise
23.04.2020 14:20 PO Constitutional Court expects to deal with corona measures for years
23.04.2020 13:53 AS Majority of students hurry to apply for solidarity allowance
23.04.2020 12:25 PO Ex-president says govt efficient in Covid-19 efforts, worried about democracy
23.04.2020 11:05 HE Confirmed Covid-19 cases up by 13, no new deaths reported
23.04.2020 10:36 HE MPs call for reorganisation in nursing homes due to Covid-19
23.04.2020 09:36 PO Minister announces expansion of border fence
23.04.2020 09:10 PO Demokracija sees deep left-right differences in response to pandemic
23.04.2020 09:10 HE Delo against nursing homes turning into infection clinics
23.04.2020 08:38 HE Dnevnik criticises rejection of coronavirus-infected persons
23.04.2020 08:17 PO Delo does not expect much from EU summit
23.04.2020 08:00 BE More than 5,000 companies requested loan payment deferral so far (feature)
23.04.2020 06:00 AC Slovenians to unite in singing on St George's Day
23.04.2020 01:00 HE Paper rebukes hospital for not accepting Covid-19 patients
23.04.2020 01:00 HE Paper shares fears that coronavirus panic will drive bad science
22.04.2020 21:44 PO FM says epidemic measures must not be abused for geopolitical pressure
22.04.2020 20:59 HE Govt abolishes prescription drugs restrictions
22.04.2020 20:56 BE CORRECTION: Pandemic to slash Triglav profit by at least 10%
Changes revenue to profit in para 2
22.04.2020 20:25 PO Govt decrees exchange of data between health authority and police
22.04.2020 18:30 PO Restricting movement to municipalities again target of criticism
22.04.2020 18:22 HE Protective equipment apparently stolen from Ljubljana hospital (adds)
recasts with more info on suspects in para 1-4
22.04.2020 17:43 HE Genomic studies show SARS-COV-2 entered Slovenia via multiple sources
22.04.2020 17:12 PO Changes to first corona package relax eligibility conditions
22.04.2020 17:00 PO President carries on with messages of solidarity amid pandemic
22.04.2020 16:37 HE Covid-19 survey shows most parents feel remote schooling working fine
22.04.2020 16:33 PO Two more border crossings with Austria reopen
22.04.2020 16:32 PO Second stimulus package on parliament's agenda next week
22.04.2020 15:51 PO City mayors want kindergartens reopen, public transport relaunched
22.04.2020 15:41 HE Ombudsman says virus revealing how humans are hurting Earth (adds)
more messages
22.04.2020 15:37 HE No positive cases after 200 completed random tests for SARS-COV-2
22.04.2020 14:40 BE Minister says third stimulus package to be development-oriented
22.04.2020 13:39 BE Large companies largely opting for Covid-19 crisis bonus (feature)
22.04.2020 13:24 BE Construction sector calls for long-term infrastructural projects (adds)
response from government advisor in last four para
22.04.2020 11:45 HE Nine new coronavirus infections, two new deaths bring death toll to 79
22.04.2020 09:10 PO Delo says oil is not dead, and blood could be shed again
22.04.2020 08:44 BE Delo says major social changes yet to come
22.04.2020 01:00 BE Paper says unions will have to bow to market during crisis
21.04.2020 22:54 HE Minister looking for new solution for infected nursing home residents
21.04.2020 22:41 BE Head of Commodity Reserves Agency replaced, enhanced oversight announced (adds)
details throughout, health committee session in final segment
21.04.2020 21:44 PO Govt adopted second corona stimulus package worth over EUR 2bn, Janša says (adds)
more information in para 4
21.04.2020 20:38 PO Committee hears care homes understaffed, residents very stressed (adds)
response by Ljutomer care home boss, employees in final 4 paras
21.04.2020 20:36 HE Ljubljana University planning exit strategy, lowering credit points threshold
21.04.2020 20:09 HE Slovenia wants coordinated EU effort to help sports sector
21.04.2020 19:28 BE PPE supplies a major headache for authorities (adds)
police paying visit to agency for commodity reserves in para 16-17
21.04.2020 19:15 BE Finance Ministry urges banks to lend money to businesses
21.04.2020 19:05 HE CORRECTION: Taiwan donates 15,000 masks
corrects figure in headline from 15,000 to 150,000
21.04.2020 18:19 HE Panel says healthcare system will change markedly due to coronavirus
21.04.2020 17:57 BE Epidemic prompts greater support for investment in agriculture
21.04.2020 17:20 BE Telecommunication providers reopening as well
21.04.2020 17:07 PO Slovenia joins initiative promoting green economy after corona
21.04.2020 16:41 HE Ptuj hospital to take in nursing home residents with mild Covid-19
21.04.2020 16:36 BE Unior suspends sale of its tourism arm until September
21.04.2020 16:28 HE Home-made masks as effective as surgical masks, IJS says
21.04.2020 15:38 PO SAB proposes special fund for epidemic-related costs
21.04.2020 14:38 HE Two new checkpoints open on border with Italy
21.04.2020 12:55 PO Repatriation of Venezuelan Slovenians on hold over coronavirus
21.04.2020 11:16 BE GKN Driveline CEO says flexibility key to exiting crisis
21.04.2020 11:08 HE Coronavirus case count up by nine, no new fatalities
21.04.2020 01:00 BE Delo comments on efforts to help business overcome crisis
21.04.2020 00:30 PO Govt expected to adopt new corona stimulus package
20.04.2020 20:40 BE Less crowd than expected as some shops reopen
20.04.2020 20:35 PO Opposition wants top court review of expanded police powers (adds)
reactions from coalition in para 9
20.04.2020 19:16 BE Latest estimates value second stimulus package at EUR 2.8bn (adds)
more info, timeline of passage, reaction from opposition
20.04.2020 18:02 PO Pahor continues to send encouraging messages to European nations
20.04.2020 17:46 HE Fines issued due to lockdown violations totalling EUR 32,000
20.04.2020 17:09 BE Employers request state subsidies for over 262,000 workers
20.04.2020 14:51 ST Gradual return to sports accompanied by extensive warnings
20.04.2020 13:30 HE Government has helped bring 800 Slovenians home
20.04.2020 13:13 BE Unions say govt attitude to social dialogue in crisis unacceptable (adds)
FinMin response in final 2 para, unionist's statements throughout
20.04.2020 11:21 BE Revoz, Lek, Krka and Gorenje remain top exporters
20.04.2020 11:04 HE Three more die of Covid-19, bringing national death toll to 77
20.04.2020 10:08 AS 106-year-old Covid-19 survivor a ray of hope for care home residents
20.04.2020 08:48 PO Dnevnik looks at who benefits from attacks on media
20.04.2020 01:00 PO Večer slams govt for delaying risk bonus payments for health staff
20.04.2020 00:30 HE String of stores and services reopening as lockdown eases
19.04.2020 18:06 PO Pahor extends solidarity message over coronavirus to Croatia (adds)
Croatian president's reaction in para 4-5
19.04.2020 16:28 HE Survey shows higher trust in vital institutions during epidemic
19.04.2020 15:56 PO Opposition leaders level fierce criticism at govt
19.04.2020 14:01 HE Slovenian soldiers not among infected KFOR troops (adds)
statements throughout
19.04.2020 13:14 HE Comprehensive random testing for Covid-19 starts tomorrow (feature)
19.04.2020 11:10 HE Covid-19 death toll climbs by four to 74
18.04.2020 19:04 AS CORRECTION: Velenje quarantine shutting down
Day of closure
18.04.2020 12:12 HE 13 tested positive for Covid-19 on Friday, four died
18.04.2020 07:00 HE Slovenians allowed to visit their holiday homes
18.04.2020 01:00 PO Papers oppose to people visiting holiday homes during lockdown
17.04.2020 20:42 PO Govt starts discussing new corona mega bill, changes to first one
17.04.2020 20:06 PO EBU calls on Slovenian govt to restrain from pressurising RTV
17.04.2020 19:59 PO Govt ordered to check justification of restrictions on movement every week (adds)
info, response by Interior Ministry, opposition in final 9 paras
17.04.2020 19:58 PO Prosecutors protesting 30% pay cut at Constitutional Court
17.04.2020 18:20 HE MOT tests and some forms of public transport to resume Monday
17.04.2020 17:37 BE Employers file for state subsidies for almost 91,000 workers
17.04.2020 17:30 PO Pahor also sympathising with France over Covid-19 emergency
17.04.2020 15:50 AS After lockdown, Slovenians to visit relatives, get their hair done
17.04.2020 15:30 BE Pahor thanks Novartis for humanitarian aid in coronavirus crisis
17.04.2020 15:28 ST National football championship could be restarted at end-May
17.04.2020 15:25 BE Port fees reduced by 50% to help Luka Koper
17.04.2020 14:29 BE Govt to discuss new stimulus measures today
17.04.2020 14:13 HE Coronavirus situation in Šmarje pri Jelšah stabilising
17.04.2020 14:00 BE Pipistrel helps secure 100,000 masks from China
17.04.2020 13:31 AS Covid-19 prompts cancellation of national exams for primary schools (adds)
reactions by headteachers in lede, last two para
17.04.2020 12:32 HE Coronavirus epidemic in Slovenia seen as under control
17.04.2020 12:06 HE Confirmed infections up by 36 to 1,304, death toll by 5 to 66
17.04.2020 08:44 PO Dnevnik says senior politicians displaying arrogance beyond compare
17.04.2020 01:00 PO Večer suggests govt conduct evocative of banana republic
16.04.2020 22:29 PO Some non-grocery shops to reopen on Monday
16.04.2020 19:52 HE Stem cell therapy debated as option to fight coronavirus
16.04.2020 19:00 PO Info commissioner says focus must be on health, not surveillance
16.04.2020 17:59 BE Substantial interest in seasonal farm work amid crisis (adds)
comments from farmers in para 6-10
16.04.2020 17:26 AS Charitable donations abound amid Covid-19 epidemic
16.04.2020 17:02 PO Globally dispersed supply chains are key, Slovenia agrees
16.04.2020 16:57 HE Slovenians quite optimistic about coronavirus situation
16.04.2020 16:11 HE Nurses call for crisis allowances payment
16.04.2020 15:06 HE GPs switching to remote consultations amid lockdown (feature)
16.04.2020 15:03 HE Minister says situation at care homes under control
16.04.2020 15:02 HE Hungary donates protective gear to Slovenian hospital
16.04.2020 14:37 PO Constitutional Court deliberating on lockdown challenge
16.04.2020 14:22 PO Soldiers may help police on border even without police powers
16.04.2020 12:24 BE Coronavirus also affects interest in lottery
16.04.2020 12:18 HE Confirmed Covid-19 cases up by 21 to 1,269, death toll unchanged at 61
16.04.2020 11:04 BE Slovenia supports postponement of Dubai Expo
16.04.2020 08:35 PO Delo calls on EU to show ingenuity and unity as it battles crisis
16.04.2020 01:00 BE Paper says crisis shows higher taxes no stranger to right-leaning govt
16.04.2020 01:00 HE Primorske Novice sticks up for seamen
16.04.2020 00:30 HE Some lockdown restrictions eased starting this weekend
15.04.2020 22:33 PO Defence minister says Slovenia urgently needs transport plane (adds)
statements throughout
15.04.2020 19:30 PO Minister sees no point in debate on sanctions against WHO
15.04.2020 19:09 PO President expresses solidarity with Italy, UK in face of pandemic
15.04.2020 17:50 PO Ministry proposes data exchange between health institute and police
15.04.2020 17:13 PO Left wants MPs to debate situation at retirement homes
15.04.2020 16:17 PO Tonin denies wrongdoing in protective gear purchases
15.04.2020 15:44 PO President, ministers again call for army to be given police powers
15.04.2020 15:40 PO Slovenia sends aid to Bosnia to help fight coronavirus
15.04.2020 15:40 BE Food deliveries surge due to coronavirus lockdown
15.04.2020 13:46 PO Majority of Slovenian contingent in Mali returns home
15.04.2020 13:22 HE Slovenia to conduct random testing to determine scope of coronavirus infections (adds)
expands with details throughout
15.04.2020 12:20 HE Five new Covid-19 deaths yesterday, cases up by 28 to 1,248 (adds)
statistics from public health institute in last six para
15.04.2020 10:39 HE Concerns aplenty as non-urgent health services resume (feature)
15.04.2020 08:26 HE Delo raises questions about Covid-19 death toll at care homes
15.04.2020 07:12 HE Gloves no longer mandatory in closed public places
15.04.2020 01:00 PO Dnevnik: Abolishing anti-corona measures harder than adopting them
15.04.2020 01:00 HE Večer stresses importance of EU solidarity
14.04.2020 21:21 PO Corona deals could become subject of parliamentary inquiry
14.04.2020 19:47 HE Majority of Covid-19 victims aged over 75
14.04.2020 18:23 HE Chinese donate protective gear (adds)
recasts lede, Chinese cities' donation in final 3 para
14.04.2020 18:08 PO Slovenian MEPs say EU facing numerous challenges with pandemic
14.04.2020 18:00 PO Delo poll shows majority support broader army powers
14.04.2020 17:27 AS Businesses donate computer tablets to disadvantaged students
14.04.2020 17:15 ST Dozens of millions in coronavirus damage expected in Slovenian sports
14.04.2020 16:31 HE Minister unable to say when schools could reopen, fate of major exams open
14.04.2020 16:23 HE Latest corona-survey shows fewer people worried about their lives
14.04.2020 16:13 BE Companies, self-employed filing for aid from first stimulus package (adds)
data on the self-employed in last para
14.04.2020 15:52 PO Criminology experts reserved about contact tracking apps
14.04.2020 15:27 PO Police leadership says ineffective masks distributed to officers accidentally
14.04.2020 15:20 BE IMF forecasts 8% GDP drop for Slovenia in 2020, 5.4% growth in 2021
14.04.2020 12:44 HE First easing of lockdown expected next week (adds)
more info throughout
14.04.2020 12:13 HE One Covid-19 death on Monday, infections up by eight to 1,220
14.04.2020 09:35 PO Reporter says political battle is on during epidemic
14.04.2020 08:49 PO Dnevnik says US Democrats might benefit from epidemic
14.04.2020 08:30 BE Slovenian tourism sector expects sharp contraction (feature)
14.04.2020 08:29 PO Delo sees parallels between Germany, Slovenia in tackling coronavirus
14.04.2020 07:00 BE More companies gradually resuming operations
14.04.2020 01:00 BE Finance expects severe contraction of tourism
13.04.2020 14:07 HE New shipment of protective equipment from China delivered
13.04.2020 10:51 HE Two Covid-19 deaths, seven new infections on Sunday
12.04.2020 18:00 PO Police request recall of face masks, minister blaming previous govt
12.04.2020 12:37 PO Infected Slovenian soldier returns home
12.04.2020 10:58 HE Coronavirus death toll rises to 53, confirmed cases reach 1,205
11.04.2020 18:06 BE Report: EUR 900m in aid available in second stimulus package (adds)
statement by PM Janša in last five para
11.04.2020 17:52 AS Persons entering Slovenia to be quarantined for a week as of Sunday
11.04.2020 13:13 PO Infected Slovenian soldier in Mali mission to be brought home
11.04.2020 11:14 HE Five new Covid-19 deaths confirmed, death toll up to 50
11.04.2020 07:00 AC Slovenian galleries thriving in digital world amid Covid-19
11.04.2020 01:00 PO Regional paper finds ID'ing at shops excessive
11.04.2020 01:00 PO Večer critical of EU fiscal package
10.04.2020 20:27 PO Lawyers urge resuming court work, Supreme Court reluctant
10.04.2020 19:35 BE Arrival of Romanians to hop farms halted, call made to Slovenian workers (adds)
response from worker advocate in final 5 paras
10.04.2020 18:33 BE Slovenia sees EU fiscal package as step in right direction (adds)
additional comments in para 11
10.04.2020 18:16 HE Large shipment of protective equipment delivered (adds)
another shipment in final 3 paras
10.04.2020 15:42 AS Suspected restriction violation reports totalling 900 so far
10.04.2020 15:19 PO Survey shows high level of trust in conventional media during epidemic
10.04.2020 14:08 BE Economist calls for more independence in responding to shocks
10.04.2020 12:53 HE Public health insurer says state will have to chip in
10.04.2020 12:43 HE Slovenia successful in tackling coronavirus but acute phase not over yet
10.04.2020 07:50 BE Delo expects long-term suffering for tourism industry
10.04.2020 01:00 HE Primorske Novice urges to power through lockdown
10.04.2020 00:30 HE Older shoppers to be ID'd at store entrance
09.04.2020 21:05 PO PM discusses anti-Covid-19 measures with Fedriga
09.04.2020 20:29 PO Slovenia requests international aid in providing protective gear transport
09.04.2020 19:46 BE Passenger flight ban extended again
09.04.2020 19:45 HE Some doctors on furlough due to epidemic, others working around the clock
09.04.2020 19:37 HE Non-urgent health services to resume
09.04.2020 17:46 PO PM says substantial easing of lockdown only after key conditions are met (adds)
response of opposition in final 2 para
09.04.2020 17:43 HE Slovenia's medical supplies procurement exceeding EUR 3 million
09.04.2020 16:57 BE More than 4900 net jobs lost in April, show early data
09.04.2020 15:27 AS Survey shows almost third of Slovenians continue to go to work
09.04.2020 14:04 ST World Rowing Championships in Slovenia's Bled cancelled
09.04.2020 13:54 PO PM's tweets put Slovenia's future financial support to WHO in question
09.04.2020 13:44 HE Two babies born to Covid-19 positive mums in Ljubljana
09.04.2020 13:04 PO Poll shows growing optimism regarding coronavirus situation
09.04.2020 12:12 HE Coronavirus death toll climbs to 43, confirmed cases reach 1,124 (adds)
details throughout
09.04.2020 08:41 PO Dnevnik says problem with surveillance is lack of trust
09.04.2020 08:14 PO Delo: Lesson from Wuhan is freedom above all
09.04.2020 07:13 AC Slovenia seeking flexibility in EU culture funding
09.04.2020 01:00 HE Paper says Beware of WHO's Advice!
08.04.2020 21:28 HE Minister says intermediaries in supply of protective gear needed because of advance payment
08.04.2020 20:24 BE Minister announces gradual easing of retail and service sector restrictions after Easter
08.04.2020 18:52 BE Some small businesses could reopen after Easter, chamber says
08.04.2020 17:34 BE Questions raised why not cut out intermediaries in PPE supplies (adds)
response from Left in final 3 paras
08.04.2020 16:30 PO Education minister marking Roma Day
08.04.2020 16:13 BE Minister hears shops will continue to promote Slovenian products
08.04.2020 15:56 BE Central bank suspends dividend payout by banks for a year (adds)
explanation from Banka Slovenije in last two para
08.04.2020 14:49 PO Religious leaders urge believers to stay home
08.04.2020 14:48 PO Italian, Slovenian presidents agree solidarity key in overcoming coronavirus
08.04.2020 14:17 HE Chamber says private doctors should help restart healthcare
08.04.2020 12:25 HE Coronavirus posing risk of surge in domestic violence (feature)
08.04.2020 11:32 HE Four new deaths and 36 new cases of Covid-19 recorded
08.04.2020 11:18 AC In coronatime, Slovenian language ushers in coronaidiots
08.04.2020 11:08 BE Small businesses in a bind as rent payments due
08.04.2020 09:50 HE Chinese twin cities rush to provide PPE to Maribor
08.04.2020 08:13 PO Delo thinks rapid EU action should trump symbols
08.04.2020 01:00 PO Acron affair will affect Tonin, paper says
08.04.2020 01:00 PO Finance says EU missed another opportunity to show unity
07.04.2020 20:59 HE All critical groups have enough protective gear to get by, more shipments expected (adds)
report on another donation in last three para
07.04.2020 19:26 PO Parliament embraces remote voting
07.04.2020 16:34 PO Number of detected coronavirus cases up by 35 to 1,055, death toll at 36
07.04.2020 15:15 HE Care homes say they cannot battle Covid-19 outbreaks on their own
07.04.2020 12:58 HE Healthcare system preparing Covid-19 exit strategy (feature)
07.04.2020 12:42 AS Record demand for digital content recorded in March
07.04.2020 12:26 BE Fiscal Council finds government coronavirus measures justified
07.04.2020 09:55 PO Delo concerned government taking on excessive powers
07.04.2020 08:49 PO Dnevnik critical of government's attitude to experts
07.04.2020 08:15 BE Real estate market waiting for coronavirus epidemic to end (feature)
07.04.2020 07:00 HE Covid-19 hotline becomes barometer of public atmosphere
07.04.2020 01:00 BE Finance says govt should have responded to crisis sooner
07.04.2020 00:30 PO MPs to discuss police powers for military, referendum law
06.04.2020 22:30 BE Janša meets unions to discuss stimulus laws, social dialogue (adds)
recasts, adds details
06.04.2020 22:19 BE Fuel prices drop to one euro
06.04.2020 20:54 PO Slovenia to ask for aid from EU Civil Protection Mechanism (adds)
participation in Operation Irini in last 4para
06.04.2020 20:43 PO Two protective gear deals investigated (adds)
reaction by Economy Ministry on Acron in para 8-9
06.04.2020 20:32 AS Vast majority of drivers stick to inter-municipal travel ban
06.04.2020 20:01 PO Support for referendum law reform appears sufficient (adds)
comments from President Pahor in para 11-14
06.04.2020 18:49 BE Some industries could be restarted after Easter holidays
06.04.2020 18:42 PO Slovenia supports joint statement on coronavirus measures
06.04.2020 18:28 BE Slovenia planning to issue three different bonds in near future
06.04.2020 18:10 BE Production at Elan still suspended, Alpina partly resuming it
06.04.2020 17:30 BE Retail chamber hopes shops could reopen after Easter
06.04.2020 17:24 BE Farm organisations urge measures to mitigate damage to sector
06.04.2020 16:42 BE ESA and Slovenian company join hands to battle Covid-19
06.04.2020 16:30 HE Panel suggests Slovenians may give up habit of going to work sick
06.04.2020 15:24 PO Bishops see civic maturity tested again like 30 years ago
06.04.2020 15:18 PO UEFA boss wants to see govt express a more optimistic view
06.04.2020 14:48 HE Hospitals in Slovenia got nearly 70 new ventilators last week
06.04.2020 14:22 HE Health official says epidemic calming but much still depends on people's behaviour
06.04.2020 12:12 BE Adria Mobil to resume caravan production
06.04.2020 11:14 HE Coronavirus death toll in Slovenia rises to 30 as infections top 1,000
06.04.2020 09:25 HE Dnevnik critical of tackling of situation at nursing homes
06.04.2020 08:52 BE Paper calls for coronavirus exit strategy
06.04.2020 08:45 HE Delo calls for gradual relaunch of economy
06.04.2020 08:19 HE Večer urges stakeholders to work together
05.04.2020 15:36 HE PM rejects criticism govt not listening to experts
05.04.2020 12:16 HE Coronavirus death toll in Slovenia rises to 28 (adds)
details of cases throughout
04.04.2020 19:06 HE Number of coronavirus cases rises to 977; 22 deaths confirmed (adds)
more info troughout
04.04.2020 18:32 AS No major violations of new movement restrictions (adds)
info on distribution of police officers from para 5 on
04.04.2020 15:50 PO Austria partly opening Holmec border crossing
04.04.2020 15:28 BE Minister says state will finance bonuses for vital staff
04.04.2020 11:46 BE Ljubljana airport sees drop in cargo transport, no changes at Koper port
04.04.2020 10:45 PO Dnevnik says govt has made big tactical mistake
04.04.2020 08:15 BE Flour, rice and pasta sell like hot cakes amid Covid-19
04.04.2020 07:00 BE Minister excited about efforts to increase food self-sufficiency amid crisis
04.04.2020 01:00 HE Večer worried by growing mistrust among people in face of coronavirus
04.04.2020 01:00 BE Delo argues in favour of globalisation
04.04.2020 00:30 HE Vulnerable groups to shop one hour more from today
03.04.2020 21:10 PO Chair of foreign policy body warns of Slovenia's new orientation
03.04.2020 19:37 PO SDS MEPs donating share of pay for Covid-19 relief, PM urges others to follow suit (adds)
reactions by other MEPs throughout
03.04.2020 19:18 PO Police to oversee adherence to epidemic restrictions at weekend (adds)
info on warning issued in para 4, 5
03.04.2020 19:15 PO MPs could discuss police powers for military on Tuesday
03.04.2020 19:06 BE Govt already working on stimulus package No. 2 (adds)
reactions of business and sports in final 6 para
03.04.2020 18:23 HE National Public Health Institute and govt looking to improve cooperation
03.04.2020 18:11 PO Slovenia donates protective equipment to North Macedonia
03.04.2020 17:36 HE Govt restricts use of certain drugs, calls for donations
03.04.2020 17:26 PO Troop rotations on foreign missions put off by three months
03.04.2020 17:10 HE Almost EUR 59,000 raised in donations for Covid-19 relief (adds)
other donations in last 8 para
03.04.2020 16:29 HE Almost EUR 59,000 raised in donations for Covid-19 relief
03.04.2020 16:25 BE Listed companies adjusting dividend policy (adds)
reponse of Zavarovalnica Triglav and info on Generali in para 6, 7
03.04.2020 16:07 HE All persons coming to Slovenia will be quarantined or isolated
03.04.2020 14:00 AS EUR 3 billion fiscal stimulus package, explained (feature)
03.04.2020 13:01 BE Slovenia's jobless total up 0.5% in March
03.04.2020 12:43 PO Govt not giving up on plan to deploy military along the border
03.04.2020 11:57 PO Writers call on authorities to respect human rights during corona crisis
03.04.2020 11:19 BE Coronavirus puts the brake on fuel sales
03.04.2020 11:07 PO Government approval rating at 57.8% in Nova24TV poll
03.04.2020 08:51 PO Delo says responsible outdoor exercise should not be frowned upon
03.04.2020 08:47 BE Dnevnik welcomes fiscal stimulus law, concerned about future
03.04.2020 08:01 PO Paper warns checks and balances key
03.04.2020 01:00 PO Mladina says govt using coronavirus to push its own agenda
03.04.2020 01:00 PO Večer comments on politicians using rhetoric of fear
03.04.2020 00:30 BE Florist shops and nurseries to reopen on Friday
02.04.2020 21:30 PO FM regrets Slovenia's low defence spending in past
02.04.2020 20:36 PO Minister Hojs discusses border measures with Johansson
02.04.2020 19:44 PO Proposal in works to allow remote parliament sessions
02.04.2020 19:30 HE Number of coronavirus cases rises by 56 to 897, 16 deaths confirmed (adds)
care homes' reaction in para 15-17
02.04.2020 18:57 HE High-school leaving exams delayed, other problems tackled (adds)
new info in para 4-8
02.04.2020 17:11 HE Poll shows increase in those deeming latest measures too strict
02.04.2020 15:55 PO Support for EUR 3bn relief package certain, additional aid pending
02.04.2020 15:35 PO Motion to give army police powers voted down on committee (adds)
comment by defence, interior ministers in final 3 paras
02.04.2020 13:45 PO PM says common debt instrument would send strong message of unity
02.04.2020 13:32 PO Janša: This is just the first package of measures
02.04.2020 12:47 HE Hospital director resigns after contentious tweets
02.04.2020 12:32 HE 3D printed face masks joining fight against Covid-19 in Slovenia
02.04.2020 11:59 HE Drive-in testing introduced in Koper
02.04.2020 11:31 AS CORRECTION: It's high time for universal basic income, sociologist says (interview)
Recasts final two paragraphs
02.04.2020 10:55 PO Group of Slovenians returning from US
02.04.2020 09:16 PO Delo notes privacy dilemmas raised by the pandemic
02.04.2020 08:57 PO Dnevnik says government fighting on the wrong front
02.04.2020 01:00 BE Finance urges building robust food supply chains in Slovenia
02.04.2020 00:30 PO MPs expected to pass EUR 3bn coronavirus relief package
01.04.2020 21:47 BE Businesses urge boost measures after production resumes
01.04.2020 21:22 PO Govt seeks to streamline procedure to ban certain referenda
01.04.2020 20:30 HE Solutions sought as Covid-19 situation in nursing homes escalates (adds)
ministers' statements in last 11 para
01.04.2020 19:00 PO SSH urges supervisors to take pay cuts due to coronavirus crisis
01.04.2020 18:27 AS No major violations of stricter movement rules
01.04.2020 18:00 AS Disadvantaged students to get equipment for online classes
01.04.2020 17:13 AS Dobrovnik orchids sent not to the Pope, but hospital staff
01.04.2020 16:50 PO Four more crossings on Slovenia-Austria border to close (adds)
protest by locals in para 4-5
01.04.2020 16:17 AS Ethnographic Museum building collection of coronavirus jokes
01.04.2020 16:11 HE Telekom Slovenije telehealth solution allowing remote monitoring of Covid-19 patients
01.04.2020 16:06 PO Slovenian, Estonian presidents discuss Covid-19 pandemic
01.04.2020 12:12 PO Dozens more Slovenians returning home
01.04.2020 12:03 BE BSH among first major Slovenian manufacturers to restart production
01.04.2020 11:46 HE Slovenian researchers involved in new virus identification effort
01.04.2020 11:36 HE Number of coronavirus cases up by 39 to 841, death toll at 15
01.04.2020 10:42 ST Goran Dragić not coming back to Slovenia any time soon
01.04.2020 08:32 HE Delo analyses Šmarje pri Jelšah case
01.04.2020 01:00 BE Paper worried how destroying the economy will affect the youth
01.04.2020 01:00 PO Večer calls for experts' voice in Covid-19 containment measures
01.04.2020 01:00 PO Dnevnik says political abuse of coronavirus peaking in Hungary
01.04.2020 01:00 PO Delo warns about power grabs during pandemic
31.03.2020 22:35 PO Govt adopts motion to give police powers to military (adds)
statement by govt in final 2 paras
31.03.2020 20:25 PO Stimulus package in parliament no earlier than Thursday (adds)
discussion in last ten para
31.03.2020 18:59 HE Four die as number of Covid-19 persons rises by 46 to 802 (adds)
info on nursing homes in last six para
31.03.2020 18:37 PO Ombudsman urges protecting vulnerable groups amid crisis
31.03.2020 17:23 HE Hisense with major donation of medical equipment for Slovenia (adds)
updates with arrival of ventilators in para 3
31.03.2020 17:20 HE Quarantine to be extended for infected persons
31.03.2020 15:02 ST Some 800 full-time jobs in sport at risk
31.03.2020 14:15 PO Two additional border crossings opening on Slovenian-Hungarian border
31.03.2020 13:39 BE Banka Slovenije expects 6-16% GDP contraction in 2020
31.03.2020 13:35 HE Slovenia sticking to use of masks in indoor public places
31.03.2020 12:31 PO Public health chief thinks latest restrictions not necessary
31.03.2020 08:44 PO Dnevnik rejects arguments for latest movement restrictions
31.03.2020 08:24 HE Seven repatriated from Austria test positive for coronavirus
31.03.2020 08:11 BE Delo thinks stimulus measures should be more targeted
31.03.2020 07:34 PO Delo reserved about new police powers
31.03.2020 07:00 HE Clinical psychologist says lockdown could have consequences
31.03.2020 01:00 HE Primorske Novice says citizens should heed restrictions
30.03.2020 21:31 PO Parliament's legal service deems anti-crisis bill poorly written
30.03.2020 20:04 PO Information watchdog, ombudsman say govt proposal entails Slovenia becoming police state (adds)
rewrites, adds reaction by human rights ombudsman, parliament's legal service 16-19
30.03.2020 17:19 HE Companies jumping in to donate medical equipment to Slovenia
30.03.2020 17:15 BE Unions, businesses welcome mega stimulus bill, expect more from another (adds)
further detals in para 4 and last para
30.03.2020 17:02 HE Staff reinforcements and protective equipment urged for nursing homes
30.03.2020 16:54 PO Stricter measures to fight coronavirus in effect (adds)
info on control of movement across municipal borders in para 3
30.03.2020 16:26 PO Sentences suspended for 68 prisoners, 15 released early (adds)
confirmation of pay cut for state prosecutors in para 10
30.03.2020 16:21 PO Slovenians put into quarantine after returning from Austria
30.03.2020 15:49 PO Opposition mostly happy with stimulus package, but wants new police powers thrown out
30.03.2020 15:39 PO New stimulus package in parliament on Wednesday (adds)
speaker's announcement of promulgation in para 12-13
30.03.2020 15:00 HE Poll finds increasing anxiety about coronavirus
30.03.2020 14:23 BE Minister Vrtovec urges stepping up of infrastructure projects
30.03.2020 13:41 HE Logar asks Slovenians in other EU countries to stay put if possible
30.03.2020 12:11 BE Consumer confidence near four-year low
30.03.2020 11:08 PO Securities market, corruption watchdogs change certain procedures
30.03.2020 09:08 PO Reporter lambastes EU institutions over Covid-19 response
30.03.2020 08:38 HE Dnevnik implies harsher measures are needed to fight coronavirus
30.03.2020 08:30 HE Delo reflects on what crisis brought out in people
30.03.2020 01:00 PO Večer says crisis demonstrated importance of institutions
29.03.2020 20:46 PO Lockdown restrictions tightened as most movement restricted to home municipality (adds)
minister's statement in
29.03.2020 19:05 BE Govt puts forward EUR 3bn stimulus package, expands aid to individuals (adds)
details throughout
29.03.2020 15:49 HE Two deaths and 46 new Covid-19 cases confirmed on Saturday, putting totals at 11 and 730 (adds)
details in paras 2-3
29.03.2020 13:20 HE President Pahor thanks all working hard during crisis with Apple of Inspiration
29.03.2020 12:45 HE Archbishop Zore warns against carelessness, urges attentiveness
29.03.2020 09:49 HE Group evacuated from Spain quarantined in Postojna
29.03.2020 08:52 BE Passenger flight ban extended
29.03.2020 08:34 BE New shopping restrictions in place
29.03.2020 07:00 HE First prisoner with Covid-19 confirmed
28.03.2020 18:31 HE Over 80 residents in six nursing homes infected
28.03.2020 15:51 PO Poll shows 58% trust government on coronavirus action
28.03.2020 14:53 HE 52 new Covid-19 cases confirmed, no cabinet member infected (adds)
details in para 11 and last 6 para
28.03.2020 13:06 HE 52 new Covid-19 cases confirmed, no cabinet member infected (adds)
details about govt session in para 4-5
28.03.2020 09:40 PO Dnevnik: EU's common approach to coronavirus crisis needed
28.03.2020 08:30 BE Spas' revenue could drop by a third due to coronavirus
28.03.2020 01:00 PO Večer disappointed by what it sees as German selfishness
28.03.2020 01:00 PO Primorske Novice agrees with police powers for military
28.03.2020 01:00 PO Delo makes a case for buying local food
27.03.2020 21:50 PO Government to continue work on stimulus package on Saturday
27.03.2020 20:36 HE Quarantine protocol to apply to all Slovenian returning from hotspots (adds)
updates about quarantine in Velenje in final four para
27.03.2020 20:10 HE Covid-19 death toll rises to nine as two more deaths reported Friday (adds)
info about first infected police officer in para 8-9
27.03.2020 18:23 HE Infectologist says Covid-19 numbers do not show whole picture
27.03.2020 17:34 PO Slovenia urges cohesion policy flexibility due to crisis
27.03.2020 16:43 BE Teleworking taking centre stage due to coronavirus outbreak (feature)
27.03.2020 15:19 ST Panel on Sport after the Pandemic agrees crisis could curb greed in sport
27.03.2020 13:23 PO Stimulus package on government agenda today
27.03.2020 12:33 AS Electricity consumption in Slovenia down
27.03.2020 09:47 PO Janša warns lack of joint action potentially fateful for EU
27.03.2020 09:42 HE Funding of kindergartens' labour costs still unclear
27.03.2020 08:38 HE PM says govt doing all it can to supply protective equipment
27.03.2020 08:03 AS Govt welcomes donations for coronavirus relief
27.03.2020 08:00 HE Nation-wide applause for those on Covid-19 front line
27.03.2020 01:00 PO Mladina warns against surveillance capitalism
26.03.2020 20:18 HE Slovenians returning from Spain to be put in strict quarantine
26.03.2020 19:48 BE Austrian companies in Slovenia also affected by Covid-19
26.03.2020 18:36 BE Coronavirus measures affecting flower and garden crop sales
26.03.2020 18:28 BE Assistance urged for sole proprietors who closed their businesses
26.03.2020 18:28 HE Survey: Slovenians quite optimistic about coronavirus situation
26.03.2020 17:50 PO Slovenian MEPs support EU coronavirus measures, critical of initial response
26.03.2020 16:36 AC Giordano's reflection on contagion and crisis available in Slovenian
26.03.2020 16:34 BE Poll: number of news show viewers has doubled during epidemic
26.03.2020 16:31 PO Sixth Covid-19-related death in Slovenia confirmed (adds)
statements, detail and statistics in last seven para
26.03.2020 15:54 HE Janša optimistic as first coronavirus patients recover
26.03.2020 15:46 PO Top officials pledge effective and democratic action (adds)
statements in final 10 para
26.03.2020 15:06 HE Coronavirus crisis particularly hard on Roma without access to drinking water
26.03.2020 14:01 ST Mini basketball tournament kicks off amid coronavirus
26.03.2020 12:39 HE Slovenia's stock of protective gear sufficient for at least a week
26.03.2020 08:57 PO Pahor endorses govt coronavirus action
26.03.2020 08:24 PO Delo: China will expect gratitude for its role in crisis
26.03.2020 01:00 PO Demokracija berates mainstream media for attacking govt
26.03.2020 00:30 PO Slovenia's top officials in crisis meeting
25.03.2020 21:31 HE Major shipment of protective equipment in Slovenia
25.03.2020 21:26 PO Slovenia urges expert opinion on COVID-19 transmission via food
25.03.2020 18:41 PO First convoy of Serbs stuck in Slovenia on the way home
25.03.2020 18:10 HE Fifth Slovenian Covid-19 victim confirmed (adds)
corrected number of persons tested positive in para 5
25.03.2020 17:21 PO Slovenia requests tax and tariff exemption for medical gear imports
25.03.2020 17:05 PO Nine EU leaders, including Janša, urge joint borrowing in Europe (adds)
adds more detail form the letter in final eight para
25.03.2020 14:06 PO No hold-ups at Austria border checkpoints
25.03.2020 12:50 PO Proposal to give army limited police powers on hold for now (adds)
details throughout
25.03.2020 11:18 PO Govt emergency response unit dissolved (adds)
details throughout
25.03.2020 09:45 HE Ljubljana animal shelter preparing to admit animals of Covid-19 patients
25.03.2020 08:27 PO Delo says optimism restored, time to look forward
25.03.2020 01:00 BE Dnevnik finds government corona crisis package modest
25.03.2020 01:00 BE Večer commends government on coronavirus aid package
25.03.2020 01:00 BE Finance reflects on job market upset
24.03.2020 20:51 HE Number of coronavirus cases in Slovenia up by 38 to 480 (adds)
info on the new medicines used in para 12-18
24.03.2020 18:12 PO Slovenia reintroducing border checks with Austria
24.03.2020 18:06 BE Budget funds for stimulus package sufficient, say PM, treasury (adds)
economist's opinion in final 7 paras
24.03.2020 18:06 AS Around 400 Serbians stuck in Slovenia to be taken home (adds)
24.03.2020 17:57 BE Businesses and trade unions largely happy with EUR 2bn "coronapackage"
24.03.2020 17:48 PO Over 100 prisoners sent home due to coronavirus concerns
24.03.2020 17:30 PO Opposition welcomes coronavirus aid package
24.03.2020 16:27 BE Options for home delivery of food products expanding
24.03.2020 16:20 ST Slovenia welcomes decision to postpone Summer Olympics
24.03.2020 15:10 HE Another company launches production of face masks
24.03.2020 14:36 HE Supply of ventilators and protective gear on schedule
24.03.2020 14:31 BE ECB's supervisory measures expanded to all banks in Slovenia
24.03.2020 13:46 BE Work on major infrastructural projects slows down
24.03.2020 13:34 HE Fourth Slovenian coronavirus death confirmed
24.03.2020 13:05 BE Govt announces EUR 2bn stimulus package for economy (adds)
updates, details throughout
24.03.2020 12:46 PO Slovenian, Portuguese presidents discuss anti-coronavirus efforts, post-coronavirus future
24.03.2020 12:02 ST Olympic committee calls on government to also help sport
24.03.2020 11:42 AC Slovenian cultural institutions to incur significant loss of income
24.03.2020 11:05 BE Expert points to excessive accumulation of stocks due to pandemic
24.03.2020 09:59 BE Crisis already reflecting in sole proprietorship, unemployment figures
24.03.2020 09:05 PO Dnevnik says Janša's attacks on media unprecedented
24.03.2020 01:00 PO Mladina says govt abusing epidemic to expand its powers
24.03.2020 01:00 BE Večer urges quick and generous coronavirus bailout package
23.03.2020 21:39 BE Employers with new proposals to mitigate impact of epidemics (adds)
proposals from the tourism and hospitality chamber in para 23-25
23.03.2020 21:08 HE Slovenia receives fresh shipment of protective gear
23.03.2020 20:18 PO Facing criticism, govt introduces moderator at pressers
23.03.2020 19:42 BE Employers with new proposals to mitigate impact of epidemics
23.03.2020 18:29 PO A thousand Slovenians still looking to be repatriated
23.03.2020 17:37 PO Jurists see options to facilitate implementation of emergency laws
23.03.2020 17:25 BE Govt economic forecaster projects up to 8% contraction
23.03.2020 16:23 HE Number of coronavirus cases up by 28 in a day to 442 (adds)
details throughout
23.03.2020 15:32 PO Pahor supports giving army police powers
23.03.2020 15:04 AS Homeless stay in streets as they fear infection in overcrowded shelters
23.03.2020 15:01 HE Ban on movement and gatherings largely successful
23.03.2020 14:30 BE Fuel prices fall to ten year low
23.03.2020 14:16 BE Second emergency package taking shape, govt to discuss guidelines
23.03.2020 13:53 HE New Covid-19 testing rules in place
23.03.2020 13:33 BE Businesses reckon EUR 2-4bn stimulus package needed
23.03.2020 12:53 PO Slovenians returning from Montenegro and Kosovo
23.03.2020 11:35 BE Boxmark launching face mask production
23.03.2020 11:19 BE Central bank chief says concerted monetary, fiscal policy action needed (interview)
23.03.2020 09:10 PO Večer reflects on how the powerful are responding to pandemic
23.03.2020 08:12 HE Healthcare affected by years of austerity, Delo says
23.03.2020 08:11 PO Primorske Novice says bleak doomsday comparisons uncalled for
23.03.2020 01:00 BE Finance urges write-off instead of deferral
22.03.2020 20:18 HE Second Covid-19 patient dies in Slovenia (adds)
Janša's visit to Metlika in para 5-7
22.03.2020 17:23 HE Stranded Slovenians returning home from Paris
22.03.2020 16:20 PO PM drawing links between epidemic and independence war
22.03.2020 14:47 HE Slovenia sees 31 new coronavirus cases in a day
21.03.2020 19:48 HE Education Ministry happy with home schooling during covid-19 epidemic
21.03.2020 19:30 PO Condemnation as PM Janša accuses public broadcaster of lie
21.03.2020 17:33 HE Number of covid-19 cases reaches 383 (adds)
PM's visit to a hot spot in final 2 paras
21.03.2020 14:52 PO Govt preparing measures to help households, companies cope
21.03.2020 13:26 HE Slovenians most worried about when covid-19 crisis will end
21.03.2020 12:56 BE Crisis response unit established to assist hauliers
21.03.2020 12:42 HE Slovenia to restrict movement of people to municipal limits (adds)
details about lower electricity bills on penultimate para
21.03.2020 09:00 HE Shutdown not making Slovenia's air any cleaner
21.03.2020 01:00 PO Večer critical of minister pay rises
20.03.2020 21:03 BE Banks say liabilities deferral act flawed and unclear
20.03.2020 19:59 BE Govt shortens opening hours of grocery stores
20.03.2020 19:54 HE Slovenia underlines commitment to open market amid equipment supply issues
20.03.2020 19:18 BE Power prices for households and SMEs cut by 20% (adds)
details in para 3-4
20.03.2020 17:29 HE Slovenia enters lockdown mode (adds)
more detail from para 3 to 7
20.03.2020 17:20 BE Companies responding to coronavirus crisis differently
20.03.2020 17:13 HE Healthcare top priority in face mask distribution (adds)
reacasts to include latest shipment
20.03.2020 17:10 PO Minister to seek police powers for army next week to secure border
20.03.2020 15:04 HE Ivan Eržen named acting director of public health institute
20.03.2020 14:42 HE Number of confirmed coronavirus cases up by 22 in a day to 341
20.03.2020 13:31 BE Minister assures public there is enough food for months
20.03.2020 13:26 HE Expert: Current testing regime rational, not ideal (interview)
20.03.2020 13:22 PO Criticism as some reject repatriation flight
20.03.2020 11:34 ST Tour of Slovenia, European chess championship cancelled
20.03.2020 10:19 HE Slovenia joins efforts to develop new coronavirus vaccine
20.03.2020 08:59 BE Dnevnik expects coronavirus to change housing policy
20.03.2020 08:14 HE Primorske says people will need to reset their priorities
20.03.2020 07:46 PO Delo calls for active citizenship in crisis time
20.03.2020 01:02 HE Parliament passes package of laws to mitigate fallout of coronavirus crisis
20.03.2020 01:00 PO Mladina fears populists will abuse coronavirus for other goals
20.03.2020 01:00 PO Večer urges vigilant monitoring of govt steps
19.03.2020 21:57 PO Govt announces lockdown, starts at midnight (adds)
videoaddress by PM Janez Janša in para 6-11
19.03.2020 18:44 PO Minister mulling police powers for the army (adds)
opition of defence expert in final four para
19.03.2020 17:31 PO Police and border officials from region discuss emergency supply
19.03.2020 16:09 BE Calls to suspend construction work, hop growers face staff shortage
19.03.2020 15:40 HE Number of confirmed coronavirus cases at 319 by 2pm, up by 33 in a day (adds)
details on hospital situation and simulation of possible scenarios
19.03.2020 15:37 PO Logar discusses coronavirus situation with several ministers
19.03.2020 14:27 BE Slovenian companies in China resuming work after lockdown
19.03.2020 13:14 HE Half a million face masks delivered to civil defence today (adds)
report on fraud in last 6 para
19.03.2020 12:51 BE Slovenian companies ramping up production of sanitiser
19.03.2020 11:01 HE Stranded Slovenians returning home
19.03.2020 09:07 BE Delo feels aid to economy should come before welfare this time
19.03.2020 09:05 PO Demokracija: No time for ideological, political disputes
19.03.2020 08:46 PO Dnevnik says Janša using coronavirus to settle political scores
19.03.2020 06:09 BE New rules for shops in place
19.03.2020 01:00 HE Večer says govt should focus on protecting critical services
19.03.2020 01:00 BE Finance urges mitigation actions asap
19.03.2020 00:30 BE Emergency bills on parliament's agenda
18.03.2020 21:03 BE Businesses urged to follow example of Chinese-owned Gorenje over coronavirus
18.03.2020 18:46 PO Pahor urges Von der Leyen to facilitate purchase of medical equipment
18.03.2020 18:30 HE More than 650 Slovenians still away abroad
18.03.2020 17:49 BE Slovenia points to major consequences on transport at EU level
18.03.2020 17:32 HE Number of confirmed coronavirus cases at 286 by 2pm, up by 13 in a day (adds)
details in last 5 para
18.03.2020 17:10 BE Committees clear first emergency bills, including on temporary lay-offs
18.03.2020 16:43 HE Drug makers working hard to secure undisturbed supply
18.03.2020 15:53 AC Art galleries moving online due to coronavirus
18.03.2020 15:14 BE Govt adopts bill to defer businesses' debt
18.03.2020 14:02 PO Slovenia to ban public gatherings of more than five persons
18.03.2020 13:47 HE Hospitals making room for potential new coronavirus patients
18.03.2020 09:14 PO Delo looks at geopolitical dimensions of coronavirus crisis
18.03.2020 08:17 BE Delo focusing on life after coronavirus
18.03.2020 07:34 PO PM says people's safety, health come first in fight against coronavirus
18.03.2020 01:00 BE Finance calls for debt write-off benefiting self-employed
17.03.2020 20:30 BE Govt pushing back tax duties for companies, taking direct control of budget
17.03.2020 20:22 HE Health minister: Everybody should behave as if they are contagious (adds)
new test rule in para 20
17.03.2020 19:21 AS Police overwhelmed by calls amid epidemic
17.03.2020 19:06 ST Division I ice hockey worlds in Slovenia cancelled
17.03.2020 19:04 HE Army field hospital erected in Ljubljana, ready to admit Covid-19 patients
17.03.2020 18:43 AS Recently apprehended migrants test negative for coronavirus
17.03.2020 18:08 HE Crisis Commissioner Lenarčič argues for widespread testing (adds)
details throughout
17.03.2020 18:07 HE Shops advised to secure enough room between customers
17.03.2020 17:38 BE Slovenian workers losing jobs in Austria due to Covid-19 spread
17.03.2020 16:07 PO Govt will step up measures to contain coronavirus, PM says (adds)
statements from Janša, other participants throughout
17.03.2020 14:51 HE Number of confirmed coronavirus cases up by 20 in a day to 273
17.03.2020 14:09 PO Fiscal rule not to hinder fight against coronavirus (adds)
fiscal council statement in last 4 para
17.03.2020 13:00 HE New infections confirmed in healthcare staff, but cases isolated
17.03.2020 11:59 BE Boxmark to make face masks for the state
17.03.2020 11:18 PO Austria, Croatia closing small crossings on Slovenia border
17.03.2020 10:27 HE Talks reportedly under way to use tocilizumab drug in Slovenia
17.03.2020 09:48 PO Many Slovenians still stranded abroad, new evacuation flights planned
17.03.2020 08:32 BE Delo sees coronavirus pandemic as eye-opener
17.03.2020 01:00 BE Govt needs to prevent recession, Dnevnik says
17.03.2020 01:00 BE Večer says coronavirus puts employers at serious test
17.03.2020 00:30 HE National Security Council meeting over Covid-19 as flight ban in force
16.03.2020 22:38 HE Passenger flight ban in force as of midnight (adds)
info on Moscow flight in para 9
16.03.2020 22:34 HE Public life grinds to a halt as coronavirus tally reaches 253 (roundup)
16.03.2020 21:34 BE Companies adapting to new reality, unions want govt restrictions (adds)
info on Mangna Steyr paint shop closure in para 5
16.03.2020 21:27 HE Croatia limits entry ban to Slovenians from border region (adds)
recasts with expansion of measure for Dolenjska
16.03.2020 20:46 HE Gantar calls on EU to limit prices of protective equipment
16.03.2020 20:44 BE Trade unions say some employers ignore Covid-19 measures
16.03.2020 20:39 HE MOT tests and car registration suspended
16.03.2020 19:29 PO National Security Council meeting tomorrow
info on council's changed lineup in para 5
16.03.2020 19:24 BE Banks shortening opening hours, insurance offices closed (adds)
info from NKBM in para 4-5, Bank Association in para 9-11
16.03.2020 19:12 AC Culture in the time of coronavirus
16.03.2020 18:57 HE Slovenia's tally of coronavirus cases at 253 (adds)
expands with details throughout
16.03.2020 18:12 PO Slovenian, Hungarian FMs discuss coronavirus, bilateral ties
16.03.2020 17:29 BE Govt to help self-employed hit by coronavirus
16.03.2020 16:18 BE Mobile operators report disruption as virus lockdown starts
16.03.2020 15:53 PO National Assembly session scheduled for Wednesday
16.03.2020 15:42 AS Shops limiting opening hours and urging online shopping
16.03.2020 15:29 BE Calls mounting for measures supporting the self-employed
16.03.2020 15:26 HE Govt proposes one-month suspension of prison sentences over virus
16.03.2020 13:12 PO Janša discusses new coronavirus measures with von der Leyen
16.03.2020 11:21 HE Specialist registrars mobilised to help fight coronavirus
16.03.2020 10:14 HE CORRECTION: Croatia limits entry ban to Slovenians from border region
Day of ban
16.03.2020 09:30 HE Weekly Reporter calls for unity
16.03.2020 09:12 HE Poll: Coronavirus not yet perceived as major threat last week
16.03.2020 08:49 HE Delo urges people to show solidarity to others and state by staying home
16.03.2020 07:00 HE Ban on sale of protective equipment lifted
16.03.2020 01:00 BE Finance: Companies will need plenty of help
16.03.2020 00:30 PO New restrictions in place to contain epidemic
15.03.2020 20:55 PO Sweeping new restrictions introduced to contain epidemic (roundup)
15.03.2020 19:38 BE Slovenia to suspend air traffic on Tuesday
15.03.2020 19:28 HE School closure extended indefinitely under new govt decree
15.03.2020 18:23 HE Foreign Ministry advises Slovenians against any travel
14.03.2020 23:26 PO Public transportation to be suspended Monday, bar ban planned
14.03.2020 20:16 HE Maribor orders bars, restaurants closed
14.03.2020 18:28 BE Situation on border remains complicated
14.03.2020 18:27 HE Govt acting to secure food supplies during covid-19 emergency
14.03.2020 15:55 PO Foreign Ministry advises against all travel to Spain (adds)
expands info in last 4 paras
14.03.2020 15:04 PO Govt caps protective gear prices, creates legal basis to fight covid-19 (adds)
new measure in last 2 para
14.03.2020 14:15 HE Coronavirus infection on Tuesday's Turkish Airlines flight to Ljubljana
14.03.2020 10:44 HE AI leveraged to track coronavirus news
14.03.2020 08:40 PO Govt sets up coronavirus crisis unit, measures yet to follow
13.03.2020 19:14 PO Janša promises maximum efforts to fight coronavirus epidemic
13.03.2020 17:30 HE Sale of protective gear, sanitizer banned
13.03.2020 16:17 HE Urgent appeal for social distancing as COVID-19 cases keep rising (adds)
more info throughout
13.03.2020 16:12 PO Slovenia urges deal with Croatia, Hungary on stranded lorries
13.03.2020 15:00 BE Chamber of Commerce says economic damage of coronavirus will be grave
13.03.2020 13:59 AC Cultural institutions also closing doors due to coronavirus
13.03.2020 13:55 HE Gantar: COVID-19 outbreak could get out of hand unless slowed down
13.03.2020 13:34 BE Cargo curbs causing long tailbacks on border crossings (adds)
updates throughout, info on measuers to help drivers
13.03.2020 12:15 BE Officials react to stockpiling with assurances supply is stable
13.03.2020 08:51 ST Paper says coronavirus could result in growth of e-sport
13.03.2020 08:36 HE Delo urges unity, agrees strict measures needed
13.03.2020 01:00 PO Primorske sees humaneness tested
13.03.2020 01:00 HE Večer urges responsible conduct in face of coronavirus
12.03.2020 19:20 HE Slovenia declares coronavirus epidemic (roundup)
12.03.2020 18:25 HE Confirmed coronavirus cases rise to 96
12.03.2020 17:09 PO Incoming govt announces sweeping lockdown measures (adds)
expands statements throughout
12.03.2020 15:34 HE Major sporting events and competitions in Slovenia cancelled (adds)
postponement of ski flying world championships at Planica in para 6-8
12.03.2020 15:11 BE Govt forecaster slashes GDP growth projection to 1.5%
12.03.2020 14:01 BE Bill on subsidised wages for laid-off, quarantined workers adopted (adds)
statement from labour minister in last three para
12.03.2020 13:46 HE Schools, kindergartens in Slovenia to be closed as of Monday (adds)
statements, data throughout
12.03.2020 12:39 HE Epidemic to be declared in Slovenia as case count rises to 82 (adds)
more info on virus spreading
12.03.2020 11:17 AS Situation on border with Italy calm after checks introduced
12.03.2020 10:44 HE Coronavirus outbreak in Slovenia entering second phase
12.03.2020 10:10 BE IMAD has halved its 3% GDP growth forecast for 2020, Počivalšek says
12.03.2020 08:44 BE Delo says public health should come before free movement of persons
12.03.2020 01:00 HE Delo says border checks on border with Italy come too late
11.03.2020 19:04 HE Slovenia steps up containment efforts as coronavirus cases surge (roundup)
11.03.2020 16:26 HE Border checks on entry points with Italy as of today (adds)
additional info in para 8-10 and 23-24
11.03.2020 16:07 HE Number of confirmed coronavirus cases increases to 57 (adds)
updates on patients at UKC Ljubljana in para 9, 11
11.03.2020 15:42 BE Calls for self-employed, precarious workers to get protection
11.03.2020 12:12 HE First school closed in Slovenia as teacher tests positive for coronavirus (adds)
explanation of education minister in para 3-7
11.03.2020 11:05 ST Slovenian international provides welcome respite to Italian fans
11.03.2020 09:12 HE Večer says COVID-19 consequences will be grave
11.03.2020 01:00 PO Primorske Novice says disregard of COVID-19 instructions should be fined
10.03.2020 20:21 PO Slovenia closing border with Italy as coronavirus cases rise to 34 (roundup)
10.03.2020 16:56 HE Number of confirmed coronavirus cases rises to 31 (adds)
food minister's assurance about stable food supply in final 2 para
10.03.2020 16:54 AC Culture institutions requesting state aid due to coronavirus
10.03.2020 14:26 BE Several flights cancelled at Ljubljana airport due to new virus
10.03.2020 12:55 AS Campaign raises over thousand face masks for children with cancer
10.03.2020 12:12 HE Slovenians advised to avoid Italy travel altogether
10.03.2020 08:03 HE Paper expects coronavirus to effect profound change in economy
10.03.2020 01:00 HE Finance finds potential school closures problematic
10.03.2020 01:00 HE Dnevnik expects mounting state aid requests
09.03.2020 22:28 HE Slovenia introducing passenger checks to curb coronavirus spread (adds)
updates number of infected persons
09.03.2020 17:52 HE Health institutions gearing up as number of coronavirus cases rising
09.03.2020 17:30 HE Temperature screening to start at Ljubljana airport, extra measures planned on land border (adds)
adds more info, corrects number of infections from 24 to 23
09.03.2020 16:39 BE Ljubljana Stock Exchange dives on coronavirus fears
09.03.2020 15:10 BE Govt announces EUR 1bn package to mitigate impact of coronavirus (adds)
details on sick leave in final 5 para
09.03.2020 13:54 HE Uni lectures suspended due to coronavirus
09.03.2020 08:49 BE Delo says tourism should use break to refresh
09.03.2020 01:00 BE Primorske Novice says irresponsibility as dangerous as the virus
08.03.2020 19:28 HE No coronavirus epidemic in Slovenia, but protective measures necessary, officials say (adds)
more statements throughout
07.03.2020 19:44 HE Ban on large indoor public events announced as number of confirmed coronavirus cases rises to 12 (adds)
minister's explanations in para 3-6
07.03.2020 11:38 HE Delo looks at coronavirus situation
07.03.2020 01:00 HE Večer wonders whether Slovenia is prepared well for coronavirus
06.03.2020 20:18 HE Slovenians urged to postpone travel, as number of coronavirus cases rises (roundup)
06.03.2020 20:17 HE New coronavirus case confirmed in Slovenia, not related to others (adds)
minister's statements in first four para
06.03.2020 19:29 HE Foreign Ministry advises Slovenians to postpone non-essential trips abroad
06.03.2020 16:18 PO Janša says keeping people informed about coronavirus best way to fight panic (adds)
health minister in para 15-19, updates number of cases in para 9
06.03.2020 16:12 BE Hotels closing doors amid coronavirus outbreak
06.03.2020 16:12 BE OZS calls for tax relief measures to tackle coronavirus ramifications (adds)
info on planned emergency subsidies in final 3 paras
06.03.2020 15:57 HE Seventh coronavirus case confirmed in Slovenia
06.03.2020 14:46 HE Foreign Ministry advises against all travel to north Italy
05.03.2020 23:20 HE Measures afoot as six test positive for coronavirus in Slovenia (roundup)
05.03.2020 22:58 HE Coronavirus cases in Slovenia increase to six
05.03.2020 21:27 BE Bill reportedly ready to subsidise businesses hurt by coronavirus
05.03.2020 15:45 HE First coronavirus patient in Slovenia was on group trip in Morocco
05.03.2020 15:35 BE Tour operators in Slovenia significantly affected by coronavirus
05.03.2020 14:03 HE Second novel coronavirus case in Slovenia confirmed (adds)
additional info
05.03.2020 11:37 HE Doctors rushing to identify persons in contact with first coronavirus patient
04.03.2020 22:23 HE First case of coronavirus infection confirmed in Slovenia
04.03.2020 15:33 BE Home fair kicks off despite COVID-19 fears
04.03.2020 15:06 HE Internautica cancelled this year due to coronavirus
04.03.2020 11:58 BE Businesses urge measures in response to coronavirus fallout
04.03.2020 10:43 BE Coronavirus not yet denting tourism footfall along border
04.03.2020 09:40 HE Slovenian community councillor in Italy positive for coronavirus
04.03.2020 09:13 BE Coronavirus disrupts production at Revoz (adds)
03.03.2020 14:49 BE CORRECTION: Slovenian companies in China yet to assess coronavirus damage
company description in para 3
02.03.2020 18:21 HE Questions raised over coronavirus testing in Slovenia (adds)
comment by microbiologist in final 4 para
02.03.2020 09:41 HE Lenarčič says cooperation needed to contain coronavirus
01.03.2020 13:17 HE Slovenia remains without confirmed coronavirus cases
29.02.2020 15:23 HE Last Slovenian Diamond Princess passengers return home
27.02.2020 17:01 PO Govt adopts measures in preparation for coronavirus, warns against panic (adds)
detail in para 4, comments on Croatia's measures in para 9-12
27.02.2020 15:27 HE Slovenians advised not to travel to parts of South Korea, Iran
26.02.2020 18:48 AS No coronavirus confirmed in Slovenia as yet, 59 test negative (adds)
statement by ministry in final three para
25.02.2020 19:15 HE Public institutions taking precautionary measures to protect against coronavirus (adds)
parliamentary Health Committee, meeting in Rome in final 5 paras
25.02.2020 00:30 HE Parliamentary body meeting over COVID-19 in Italy, health minister due in Rome
24.02.2020 19:14 BE Coronavirus so far not affecting Slovenian economy
24.02.2020 17:10 HE Coronavirus: Proportionate measures being taken, border closure possible
24.02.2020 00:30 HE Officials meeting over coronavirus situation
23.02.2020 19:45 HE Coronavirus: Minister says no reason for panic in Slovenia (adds)
statements throughout
23.02.2020 14:21 HE Coronavirus: Foreign Ministry advises caution to travellers to Italy (adds)
detail on Venice Carnival in para 3-4, call for National Security session and reaction in last 2 para
22.02.2020 12:17 AS Two Slovenian passengers from Diamond Princess arrive home (adds)
detail, statements throughout
21.02.2020 12:30 HE Cruise passengers due home on chartered flight tomorrow
20.02.2020 15:16 HE Two Slovenians test positive for COVID-19 (adds)
statements, details throughout
18.02.2020 19:48 HE Slovenia well equipped for COVID-19 diagnosis, less for outbreak, experts say
18.02.2020 15:59 HE Slovenians quarantined on cruise ship due home by weekend (adds)
comments in para 5-7, govt sesdsion in final 4 paras
17.02.2020 13:46 HE Slovenians aboard quarantined cruise ship in good health
13.02.2020 15:34 PO Slovenia sending 1.2 million face masks to China (adds)
details in para 5-7
07.02.2020 12:31 HE Three Slovenian couples on quarantined cruise ship
05.02.2020 11:11 HE Slovenians advised to delay non-urgent trips to China
04.02.2020 13:37 BE Postal company stops accepting mail for China
04.02.2020 12:54 BE Koper port says coronavirus to affect business, no measures adopted yet
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