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19:30 RU News roundup - Friday, 9 November
19:21 PO MPs urge govt to improve EU funds phasing
18:28 AC CORRECTION: Booker, Goncourt laureates to headline Slovenian Book Fair
Age of author in para 8
18:23 BE First phase of NLB privatisation completed (roundup)
18:23 BE Parliamentary parties unhappy with NLB sale, especially price (adds)
additional reactions in final 3 para
17:19 PO Food minister discusses trade with Hong Kong
17:04 PO Šarec sees ALDE as force against Euroscepticism (adds)
Cerar's speech in para 7-9
17:00 SE Schedule of events for 12-18 November (adds)
16:44 PO Slovenian and Hungarian defence ministers discuss cooperation
16:11 PO Minister discusses minority issues in Trieste
15:57 BE Grocer Tuš goes "naturally different"
15:43 BE Stock market: SBI TOP slightly down
15:37 SE Schedule of events for Saturday, 10 November
15:37 AS Weather: Clouds to cover western Slovenia
15:24 PO Human ties key to lasting peace, president says at WWI ceremony (adds)
speaker in final two para
15:12 BE Max-Rent eyeing exhibition area manager Celjski Sejem
15:03 PO Ministry says breakthroughs made in rights of Slovenian community in Italy (adds)
reaction by parliamentary body in final 3 para
15:03 BE Analysts unsurprised by NLB pricing
15:00 RU News roundup - Friday, 9 November, until 3 PM
14:34 PO Parliament keeps welfare allowance at current level
14:18 ST 120th birthday of gymnastics legend Štukelj to be marked (feature)
14:12 PO MPs united ECHR rulings must be respected
12:40 AS Call centre fraud suspects facing trial
12:38 BE Prison sentences proposed for former Viator&Vektor managers
12:03 BE Industry expands by 6.2% in nine months
11:32 BE Exports up 9.7% in first nine months y/y
11:22 PO Ljubljana administrative unit staff to go on strike Monday
11:19 PO Parliament to discuss UN migration pact on 21 November
10:44 AS Psychiatric treatment ordered for arsonist of Metelkova club
10:15 AC Phantom of the Opera to revive theatre organ tradition
9:30 PO Delo fears for US democracy after Sessions' dismissal
9:24 PO Dnevnik reflects on local govt funding deal
8:45 PO Delo comments on Šarec's "comedy of errors"
8:38 PO Daily headlines - Friday, 9 November
8:00 RU Weekly review of events involving Slovenia, 2-8 November
7:30 AC Kranj castle hosts exhibition on its 16th century owners
7:00 AS St Martin's Day ushers in great vintage year
6:30 AS Weather: Patchy clouds in most of the country
1:00 BE Finance says local election choice can impact well-being
1:00 PO Mladina says Cerar contradicting himself over migration issue
1:00 PO Primorske Novice says Bandelli disgrace to government
0:30 PO Šarec to address ALDE congress
0:30 PO MPs expected to preserve raised welfare allowance
0:15 SE Schedule of events for Saturday and Sunday, 10 and 11 November
0:15 SE Schedule of events for Friday, 9 November
0:05 AD News from Slovenia
News count: 46